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The development of medical science has led to the inventions of various medicines that have led to the improvement in the appearance of persons. Be it for the sole purpose of improving looks or loosing or gaining weight.

Body-building has emerged as a new passion for the youngsters these days. Power lifters and weightlifters usually take supplements to gain muscle mass and give a stronger look. Generally faster results are being expected by the users of such medicines to gain mass.

Muscle growth

Muscle growth and along with leanness and density is what required and desired by those willing to gain weight and build muscles. If the protein and testosterone content of the body is increased the growth of muscles can be seen in the body.

Anabolic steroids are one such drug that is known to increase the weight and muscle gain. If properly taken with exercise it can help in gaining significant mass in the muscles. Protein production is essential to gain mass and muscles. Anavar boosts the protein metabolism of the body by supporting the increase of protein in the body.

Dosage required of Anavar

Generally a single tablet of 5mg is sufficient enough for triggering the androgenic effect in the body. This quantity of Anavar tablet may improve the protein synthesis in the body. Besides that, it can help in balancing the nitrogen cycle in the body. There are lots of people who have questions on how to take Anavar, so keep on reading his post and check the optimal dosage for weight loss.

The indications of increased Anavar intake in the body indicates an increase in appetite, muscle mass of the body is also increased. An increase in bone density is also increased along with increasing red blood cells.

Development of Anavar

The Anavar are also known by other names, anabolic steroids, anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS). These steroids were developed in the late 1930’s to treat certain body ailments related to delayed puberty, or some type of impotence, and wasting of body caused due to HIV infection or other types of diseases.

In the later decades, with further research on this steroid, it was observed that it promoted the growth of skeletal muscles when tested on animals.

Abuse of Anavar

For this reason it was also subjected to abuse by bodybuilders, athletes and weight-lifters. Illegally it was availed at gyms and agents after being smuggled to the country. Certain countries due to laxity in the laws related to medical fields sell this steroid without medical prescription of the doctors.

Side effects of Anavar

Being a steroid its excessive usage can cause major health issues to its user if taken out of medical advice or taken in large quantities. Such problems include harmful changes in cholesterol levels due to changes in lipoproteins, occurrence of acne, harmful effects on liver functioning, high blood pressure, and hormonal changes affecting the reproductive capabilities of body.
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