To Get Know All About Airsoft Guns

What are airsoft guns?

An airsoft gun is a gun that is powered by the air which generally shoots 6mm projectiles. Not only, 6mm but also other sizes exist. Most of the airsoft guns are considered as the replicas of existing firearms which are generally used for military simulation. Most of the airsoft guns make use of compression for projecting the projectiles. There are two types of compressions used in these guns. The first one is the spring which is available in both electrical and manual types. The second one is the gas compression which uses green gasses such as CO2, HFC etc. 

In addition, each propulsion system of these guns has various sub-categories which provide slight variations in its functionalities. These airsoft guns are available in Airsoft shops in UK and from popular airsoft manufacturing companies. These airsoft guns are available in different types such as
·         Automatic electric spring powered guns
·         Airsoft electric guns AEGs
·         Manual action spring guns
·         Gas powered guns
·         Hybrid guns etc 

What are the materials used for these guns?

The airsoft guns make use of the following materials
Plastic – Most of the airsoft bb guns and Airsoft rifle UK falls into this category. These types of guns are mainly used for practices and plays. This is best for indoor play and target practice. 

Biodegradable – These bbs are made of spherical resins that allow them to degrade over time. These suits best for outdoor field practices. 

Metallic – These are mainly used for target practice and it cannot be used for any other purpose. These materials are not available from retailers. 

Paintballs – These paintballs are available in 6mm from various retailers. Bu these cannot be used in any gun with a hop-up or hi-cap as it causes the paintballs to shatter. This will create a mess and will make the weapon useless until it is cleaned completely. 

Most of the Airsoft Pistol UK make use of the plastic and biodegradable materials. But, this is based on the requirement and use of the airsoft guns. Similarly, the airsoft guns are available at different weights. Some of the popular weights are

·         .12g- This is the most common weight and most of the factory guns use this weight.
·         .20g- It is a very common and popular weight which is used for higher end AEGs and Gas guns
·         .25g- It is the fairly common weight which provides better accuracy. This is recommended for mid range and Stock AEGS.
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