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Domestic violence is a matter of serious concern for many people during and after their relationship. Issues regarding family violence often play a very important role regarding decisions which are to be made in relation to the care of children after two people have separated. The law on this topic is still in a developing phase and it is very hard to give a clear picture of how exactly such concerns are to be dealt with by a court while making a decision about child visitation rights. You can always consult family law lawyers in Brisbane who would take adequate measures to ensure that you are not deprived of your rights.

The family court of Australia duly states that the benefit of the child of having a meaningful relationship with both the child's parents as well as the need to protect the child from physical and psychological harm is of paramount importance. In the court room there have been many instances where family law lawyers in Brisbane have used this decree to manipulate the decision of the court in their favor. Unfortunately people who do this make it harder for the court to protect the children who in reality actually need protection from domestic violence.

As per the law of Australia if there is a pending criminal case for domestic violence against anyone parent and if there is a likelihood of criminal protective orders the other parent can ask their family law lawyers in Brisbane to obtain restraining order which would also play a major role in the custody case.

It is often very difficult to describe domestic violence. Many family law lawyers in Brisbane described domestic violence as a pattern of abusive behavior in the same family which one person uses to gain power or  which one person uses to gain power over his partner. In the rule of law, a family relationship is used to describe persons who are related by blood or marriage, spouses of former spouses, parents and their children, person who is not related by blood but had previously lived together and person who have child in common regardless of whether they were even married.

 Domestic violence often covers a wide range of issues which encompasses physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, economic abuse and psychological abuse which includes intimation or stalking. Victims of domestic violence can ask their family law lawyers in Brisbane to get them a civil order of protection. If you and your spouse are in the middle of a divorce preceding you can ask your family law lawyers in Brisbane to contact the court which can help you with a noncontact order.

As far as custody in domestic violence cases are concerned if you can prove to the judge with the help of your family law lawyers in Brisbane that your child's physical emotional and mental health would be in danger if the other parents has access to the child for a prolonged long period of time, then the judge may restrict the amount of parenting time for the other parent. If you are concerned about your own safety during the pickup and drop off of your child you can ask your family law lawyers in Brisbane to apply for police supervision. is a non profit organization of family law lawyers in Brisbane. Their main motive and aim is to provide affordable legal service, with the sole motive of helping people rather than working for profit. They employ some of the best known family lawyers in Brisbane to provide you with legal assistance at an affordable rate.
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