Understanding Python, Mysql, Django

Introduced first in 1991, python is a high-level programming language basically intended for normal programming level. Python is considered as an interpreted language meaning that the code is interpreted and executed at the same time. Also, it promotes code readability so that developers can intend towards writing more code blocks and delimiting unnecessary usage of braces and keywords resulting in a fewer line of codes.

Python promotes auto memory management and a system that is a dynamic system that also supports object-oriented, procedural and functional programming also it has a huge and elaborate library.

Python is open source software which works on a wide variety of systems because it has an interpreter for every operating system!


1>     Indentation: python uses a whitespace indentation instead of braces to delimit its usage, also the increase in indentation means a number of statements and decrease in indentation means the end of the current block also known as an off-side rule.
2>     Statements and control flow: usage of operators and statements, which helps in the usage.
3>     Expressions: usage of signs and symbols comes in handy.
4>     Method: python uses an explicit self parameter to fetch the data instantaneously.
5>     Typing: python presents itself as strongly typed language, meaning it does not allow operations that are not well defined.


My SQL officially known as RDBMS (Relational Database Management System), it’s open source platform which implements Structured Query Language (SQL). Mysql is written in C and C++, it uses Lexical Analyzer which helps it run on various system platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Symbian, Linux, MacOS, Oracle Solaris

Mysql is used on many well-known websites with heavy traffic fallout Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr.


1>     Multi-platform support.
2>     Query Caching
3>     Information schema
4>     Stored Procedures
5>     Triggers
6>     Cursors.

And much more such features make this language stand out of its league, and provide the developer ease of managing and presenting data.

Mysql can be built and configured easily with the help of source code on any platform. Mostly it is installed with a Single Binary package unless the user needs some customization. After the basic installation, it needs to be configured for the security and Optimization settings according to the users. Mysql also performs backup for all storage engines within the enterprise package offered by Oracle.

Mysql also marks its territory on the Cloud Platforms with the help of services such as Heroku, Jelastic, and Amazon relational database service.


It is an Open-source Platform written In Python; also it implements the Model-view-template architecture. The main purpose for Django was to ease the Complexity in making database Driven websites. Django Follows the Main principle of “don’t repeat you” is providing functionalities such as Code reusability, rapid development and Plug ability of components.

Django Provides administrative rights like create, delete, read and update interface configured with the help of admin models.


1>     Caching of methods.
2>     Template with Inheritance.
3>     Web server for testing and development.
4>     Object-relation mapper (ORM).
5>     Extending capabilities of template engine.

 It is implemented in a very popular site such as Pin Interest, Instagram etc...
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