Scroll saws are the devices designed for cutting the complex shapes and also for cutting the shapes for decorative purposes. These saws are well known for their accuracy because these saws can cut in tricky areas pretty well. There are two main types, the one which runs on electricity and the other which runs with the help of pedal. Thebest scroll saw is always difficult to find, but there are lot of options online.

Features you should look for:

You should know what you should look for in a scroll saw before purchasing one.
  • SIZE: The size of the scroll saw is measured using the throat measurement which is from behind the frame to blade. The size of the material that you can cut depends on this.
  • DEPTH: Usually the scroll saws are capable of cutting 1-3/4 to 2-1/4 inches.
  • SPEED: Speed of the scroll saw is the strokes per minute that the blade can perform. It ranges from 400 to 1800 strokes per minutes. The thin materials can use the slow speed while the thick materials can use high speed.
  • COMFORTABILITY: You should also look for the saw which is comfortable for your usage, like the saw which has the option of quick release of blade so that you can switch them quickly and easily without the use of tools.
Best scroll saws:
There are many scroll saws in the market among which there are the following top 5 scroll saws.
  • Dewalt DW788-1.3 Amp 20-inch variable speed scroll saw
  • WEN 3920- 16-inch variable speed scroll saw
  • Portor cable 18'' variable speed scroll saw with stand
  • Shop Fox W1713 - 16-inch variable speed scroll saw
  • Delta Power Tools 40-694- 20 inch variable speed scroll saw
The first two are described below
Dewalt DW788-1.3 Amp 20-inch variable speed scroll saw:

Dewalt DW788-1.3 Amp 20-inch variable speed scroll saw comes with the specially designed arms which helps in cutting more tricky cuts. It doesn't produce vibrations like other devices because of the double parallel link arm. The main advantage of this saw is that the blades here are perpendicular to the materials that you cut. Speed control and blade tension can be set in this saw using the controls that are present in the upper arm of the saw. The speed of this saw varies from 400 to 1750 RPM which can be adjusted.

WEN 3920- 16-inch variable speed scroll saw:
WEN 3920- 16-inch variable speed scroll saw has the speed range of 400 to 1600 strokes per minute. You can adjust the knob that’s provided to adjust the speed of the saw. It comes with the 16x10 inch table which can be set to 45 degree and 16 inch depth; this table can be used to do tricky carpentry. It also has a LED light which will give you the necessary lighting.

Verdict:Even a skilled worker needs his finest tools to work well. There is always a high need for selecting the best scroll saw for easy work and also to work comfortably. All those tricky places are always very difficult to craft, but with the scroll saw its all made easy.
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