All about data protection regulation in Germany and Europe

The current system of notice under the DPA will be replaced by essential for data remotes to keep an internal history in regards to all private data they procedure (article 28). The history must consist of, among other things, data of the objective of handling private data, individuals, and transfers to third countries, deadlines for erasure as well as a general description of the technological and organizational measures in place protecting the data.

Security breaches

Under the DPA, even in the most serious data breaches, there is no need to inform the ICO. Article 31 of the GDPR needs that, as soon as the data operator becomes conscious a private data violation has happened, it should, without unnecessary wait and, where possible, not later than 72 hours after becoming conscious of it, inform the private data violation to the ICO, unless the operator is able to illustrate that the violation is unlikely to outcome in a threat for the privileges and liberties of individuals. Where this cannot be achieved within 72 hours, an explanation of the causes behind the wait should go along with the notice to the ICO and knowledge may get offers for gradually without unnecessary further wait.

Furthermore, data topics should be informed without unnecessary wait if the private data violation is likely to outcome in possibility to their privileges and liberties to allow them to take the necessary precautions for Data Protection Consulting. This notice should explain the nature of the private data violation as well as recommendations for the individual concerned to minimize potential negative effects. This should be done as soon as reasonably possible, and in close collaboration with the ICO and improving guidance offered by it or other relevant authorities (for example, law enforcement authorities).


Currently, the ICO can issue a monetary charge notice of up to £500,000 for serious breaches of the DPA.

The GDPR presents much higher charges.

For some breaches of the GDPR, data remotes can receive a great of up to 4% of international yearly revenues for the previous year (for undertakings) or €20m. For other breaches (for example, failing to keep records or submission with data protection regulation obligations), the excellent can be up to €10m or 2% of international yearly revenues (for undertakings).

Data protection officer

Section 4 of the control presents a legal part of data protection official (DPO). Most General Data Protection Regulation organizations like DG-Datenschutz handling private data, both data remotes and knowledge processor chips, will degree of DPO who will have a key part in ensuring conformity with the GDPR. A group of tasks may designate a individual DPO given that s/he is readily accessible. Public systems may also have an individual DPO for several such authorities or systems, taking account of their organizational structure and size by German Association for Data Protection.

The DPO, who can be a employee or contractor, shall be designated on the basis of professional features and, in particular, knowledge of data protection law and practices, and the ability to meet the tasks referred to in content 37. These are:
  • to inform and advise the operator or the processor and the employees who are handling private data of their obligations pursuant to the German Association for Data Protection regulation;
  • to observe conformity with the GDPR, such as the assignment of obligations, awareness-raising and coaching of employees involved in the handling functions, and the attached audits;
  • to give advice where requested as regards the data protection effect evaluation and observe its performance pursuant to content 33;
  • to work with the supervisory power (the ICO); and
  • to act as the contact point for the supervisory power on the operation of the handling of private data.
The GDPR is accompanied by an instruction, which contains new rules for data protection when applied to criminal activity and justice, but which can be applied by each member state through its own data protection law with greater flexibility.
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