5 Awesome tricks that will help you reinvent your home

There are so many thing you can do with your. Most of them are rather inexpensive while not requiring too much time or effort. Small visual tricks go a long way when it comes to d├ęcor and if know what to look out for; there would be no stopping to your innovative spirit.
                Although there are many ways to approach renovation, there is only a few that truly matter. Here, I am talking about things that are big in impact and yet so small in number of hours that you need to invest.

                Here is the list with 5 awesome tricks that will do wonders for your interior.

1.       Planning your walls
First of all, when we mention renovation we always think about the walls. Why is that? Because walls need a lot of love, they need to be painted regularly and they have such a profound impact on the rest of the room.
That being said, you need to decide what you want to do with them. Besides regular painting, you can also opt to paint some pictures on it. This is a nice addition but should only be done by someone that has a steady hand.

2.       Decorating your walls
After you’ve painted them, it is time to decorate them.
Here are so many things you can put on walls. Worst thing to do is to completely disregard wall decoration and leave them be as they are, plain and uninspiring. 
Besides obvious paintings, you can also go for posters and mirrors. Both of them are a great solution for modern apartments as home. You can also put photos in a frame.
For me, the most inspiring are mirrors. They give a completely new look to the space I would always recommend going for Hollywood mirrors as they are a mixture of beauty and elegance and can work with almost anything. A company you can trust is HollywoodMirrors.co.uk, a UK based company.
3.       Changing the furniture
Buying new furniture can be rather expensive. In fact, it is usually one of the biggest costs during the renovation. Of course, you can always buy it in some cheaper shop but ask yourself first: Do I wish to have such an interior?”
Price is an important factor but it isn’t something that should be limiting you. Instead, it is much better to simply change the upholstery as a cheaper solution. Although this is rather simply solution, it will definitely have a big impact on the interior. Truth be told, most people will even think that you got brand new furniture which of course isn’t the case.

4.       Doing something with your floor
Except for the walls and furniture, floor is the most important thing on your list.
Most people opt to leave it naked or with the previous setup. You might try an alternative and completely cover it with a carpet.
Carpets are great due to their warmth but most homeowners tend not to overdo it as bigger carpets are harder to maintain. If you are prepared to suffer such a cost and keep them clean, you might as well go for something bigger, something different. It will definitely create a new atmosphere.

5.       Moving the things around
Lastly, you can always go back to the basics. By simply moving a few things around (whether we are talking about furniture or smaller items) you can create an impression that your home is completely renovated.


Cheapest and simplest solutions are usually the best. By clinging to the tried and tested formulas, you can accomplish so much. In the end, we all want the best results without stressing a lot, right?
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