4 Amazing Time Clock Updates That You Absolutely Must Know

When you use software, you might wonder if only there had been an update or a new feature, it would be easier to enlist all the existing data in one place or more. It might be tough to sort all data in one place while also calculating the work done in 6-7 months.

If you’re using an online time clock, here’s the update on Version 6. You need to learn and understand the user interface and take a quick look at the reporting engine:

Daily report

Time Clock is rebuilt from scratch to toss the old and existing new report on the print engine. You can view the reports that are already available in a different readable mode, and in a remarkable print preview screen that enables customize the reports.

Make use of various tools, such as grid lines, header and footer, and proper tables for your readability. These reports are easy to email directly from the software in different formats, like PDF, Excel, HTML, and Plain Text, and are also available in JPG and GIF formats.


In the recent version, user interface is upgraded for better usability purpose in the operating systems Windows 8 and 10. It’s associated with several options and large labels that are easy to read with the clear font. The update is user-friendly and supported with high-resolution monitors.

The software is upgraded with much more elements that are great to provide instantaneous feedback for your commands. These components are accelerated with certain modern versions that make the user interface respond faster.


The software registration process is revamped, and the entry of each client number and employees is removed. Copy the registration keys from your inbox to fill the details automatically on the registration screen. This update works in an easy way to reduce the frustration for both old and new users when they try to register using the software.

Other features

Here are few things that are changed in the software:

  1. The system used from the internet server is overhauled and the external component is removed.
  2. The “Insert Missing Punch” and “Add Punch” options are enriched for easy data entry.
  3. You can add and enter the jobs on the Bulk Add Time Screen.
  4. The text size on the employee list is increased along with the addition of extra-large text size option.
  5. The logic behind the employee bulletin is recreated.

Key features in the Time Clock

Email alerts can be sent depending upon the events that occur in Time Clock. The alerts can be sent when the request is raised, and is approved or denied when any employee checks in or checksout.

The indication of green or red punch lights provides visuals of keypad interfaces and employee lists in the online time clock which either indicates a successful punch or otherwise.  You can see there’s a separate screen to manage email Ids that can be used for email alerts and to mail reports.
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