3 Quick Ways to Figure Out Water Leakage During Emergency Plumbing

Do you know your home well enough? Do you know the safety features installed in your house? Can you identify the cause of the problem and turn off the power source to prevent further damages?

If you’ve built your home and know each and every design feature, you would say, “Yes, I know what to do”, but most of the time people buy ready-made houses and do some repair works instead of constructing them from the scratch. That’s where people seldom consider precautions and immediate measures to handle an emergency situation. 

There may be plenty of things you haven’t noticed. For example, those hidden safety features that you can use to turn off power sources, like water, gas and electricity.

While there are plenty of options to turn off electricity, but there are not too many options to locate the water leakage and the source of it. In countries like Canada, houses are built with all the safety features, yet few people are aware of them. Even if you’re not one of them, you have to call emergency plumber Mississauga to fix your plumbing. There are plenty of pros in the city who can take care of pipe fixing and replacement; fixtures installation; and drain cleaning, and Precise Plumbing is one true service to take care of all these troubles.

How can you play your part in such emergency situations?
Before you call a plumbing service, you look in these three places to find out the source of water leakage.

1. Water Pipes
Under extreme weather conditions, there is always a possibility of burst or cracked pipes sending the water rush inside the home. If this happens, you have to find the main line that distributes water into your home and shut off water supply. Mostly, these points are located outside the house, in an underground box. There may also be a water shutoff installed somewhere in the backyard or a closet. If you know where these points are, you can quickly turn the water supply off and leave the repair works for plumbing company Mississauga.

2. Under the Sink
It’s pretty easier to locate. The water lines to the bathroom and kitchen sink are hidden inside the cabinet just beneath the sink. There must be a valve to control the flow of water. You can turn it off and prevent the water from leaking out. In most of the situations, such kind of water leakage can be identified easily from the ground floors.

3. Appliances
The dishwasher in the kitchen and the washing machine in your laundry section are always connected with water source. Some people have ice maker with the refrigerator and it’s also connected to water supply. These appliances can possibly cause water leakage.  They also have a valve behind them which can be turned off to prevent water flow. So, if you’re buying a house, make sure you know the water supply lines, just to make sure you can turn them off in emergency.

Homework is always important to prevent huge losses. As these details are relatively smaller compared to other aspects of home, you can overlook them and then forget them altogether. Considering the amount of damage they can cause, all the responsible family members must know where these important sources exist.
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