What do You Need to Know About Live Streaming?

Live streaming is a technology that lets you transmit a video file via the internet by compressing and buffering it. The data are transferred in the form of packages and are shown as soon as they arrive on the viewer’s computer.

Live Streaming: Why Should I Try It?

Using live streaming is determined by various goals and reasons. Here are some of them:
  • You may easily find and connect people around the world whenever you need or wish to do it;
  • You can communicate with your viewers (live streaming lets you respond to the comments of your audience as soon as they leave them);
  • Live streaming is able to distribute your content;
  • You can use live streaming for viral marketing without cost;
  • You may create your live streaming community.
How to Make a Perfect Live Streaming Session?

If you are willing to make a nice live streaming session, start with finding the appropriate way of video broadcasting. All in all, there are two main ways how your video files can be transferred to your viewers’ devices. For instance, you may use a progressive streaming or real-time streaming.

Take time to select a suitable network protocol: you may choose RealVideo, Quicktime or Real Media formats.

If you desire to broadcast your video files without delays, ensure that your internet connection is a speedy one.

Finally, if your main problem is your web performance and you’re willing to enhance it, you may always try CDN for live streaming because:

  • CDN is able to offer a high speed connection for target users;
  • CDN supports all devices, formats and protocols;
  • CDN provides pull and push streaming services.
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