Water Heater Maintenance Guide

Water heaters are of great use during winters. Especially if you reside in the area experiencing chilly days for many months each year! It is essential that water heaters are looked after routinely to get long-lasting and proper heating experience.

Despite so many advantages, it is usual for a water heater to become out of order due to frequent usage. What do you do when your water heater stops functioning the same way as it used to initially? Does that mean you have to buy a new heater to have warm baths and shining clothes? It is not feasible for someone to buy a new water heater every now and then. You can save yourself of heavy expenditure by taking timely care of your water heater.

It is not much difficult to maintain a water heater as it seems. Here are few steps that can make your water heater work perfectly:

Testing TRP Valve

TRP is the temperature-pressure-release valve present on the side or the top of the water heater tank. You have to switch off the power supply and cold-water valve to begin this test. After that, place a bucket beneath the pipe that is connected to this valve. Then let some water flow out by lifting the valve tab.

If the water keeps on draining out, unscrew the valve and fix a new one with the help of the pipe wrench. You can carry out this check once in a year.

Wash the Sediment

You have to drain all the water inside the tank to wash out the sediment content. Then provide a good pressure of water to get rid of the sediment residing inside it. This procedure helps in flushing out the sediment that usually gets settled at the bottom of the tank. If you want to avoid the use of chemicals then make try a coil brush to clean the residue of sediments.

Adjust the Temperature

The temperature setting of your water heater affects the electricity consumed in heating directly. You can find the dial to adjust the temperature on the sides of the water tank. All you need to do is uncover it and fix the temperature to 120 degrees. Make use of a flathead screwdriver to do this.

Surprisingly, this adjustment reduces the risk of scalding the heater. Also, for every 10 degrees that you reduce the temperature with, decreases the 5 percent of energy costs.

Anode Rod

This rod should be check once in every 2 to 3 years and replaced before it gets damaged completely. An anode rod is coated with calcium and is less than half inch thick inbuilt. You should replace it if the core steel wire is exposed for more than 6 inches.

A proper and timely check of water heaters allows the users to stay away from hefty repair costs!

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