Use Anavar-Clen combo for bodybuilding

Athletes use both performance enhancing drugs and anabolic steroids for body building purposes. Both men and women use these drugs, though Anavar is said to be more effective for women. Anavar and Clen are both oral drugs.

Anavar is suitable for women as it doesn’t give her male features. Since both drugs are complementary to each other, they are taken together. Anavar and Clen are both oral drugs. Anavar in particular has positive effects on women though it depends on how most women respond to them. 

Anavar functions like the male testosterone in the body. It doesn’t convert testosterone into estrogen. Thus, this affects women less, when it comes to male features. 

Women are advised to take Anavar with Clen cycles as it has better benefits at the combined pricing. Women benefit from taking Anavar and Clen while they are in cutting. Along with these two, they should also take Nolvadex and HGH. Ideally all four drugs should be planned into the cycle for better results. 

Some women start developing male features if they take Anavar for bulking. They are better off taking both Anavar and Clen only in the beginner’s cycle. Men can use Anavar for bulking and it’s also useful when they are cutting. During bulking, it makes men bigger as it increases tostestorene levels. 

Anavar helps you lose body fat but at the same time it helps retain lean muscle quotient. Anavar should not be used with alcohol at the same time. While it has an immediate effect, after entering your blood stream, it doesn’t have a lasting effect. You have to take the drug periodically as the effects do not last more than 9 hours. An oral anabolic steroid can be toxic for the liver. A special diet plan is recommended with this steroid. 


·         Low toxicity

·         Low androgenicity

·         Minimal influence on the hormone producing gland- hypothalamic-testicular-pituitary-axis (HTPA)

Thus the Anavar Clen cycle has minimum impact on the hormonal function, esp. testosterone and androgen. 


High dosage or incorrect dosage can lead to side effects like chest pain; nausea; headaches and discomfort. 

Increase in bloodpressure is also likely. 

The best way to combat side effects is to take the medicine in correct dosage. 

Both Anavar and Clenbuterol are non-prescription drugs easily found and purchased online.
 They are used for weight loss and body building. 

The important thing to remember is that neither Anavar nor Clenbuterol are sole requirements for weight loss. They have to be taken as part of a diet regime. Both should be taken only in certain cycles like the cutting cycle. Anavar is better for men during bulking cycle and better for women during cutting cycle. Whereas Clen is better during cutting cycle to avoid muscle loss. 

A combination of the Anavar-Clen cycle is the best option for body building. Along with diet regulation it will effectively help in building a body of your dreams. Ensure that you don’t combine the drugs with alcohol. 

It is vital that you follow dosage instructions while taking these medicines. Else both can have harmful effects.
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