Things You Must Know About Wired & Wireless Security Camera System

With crime rate increasing day by day, people are now more concerned about their security. So the importance of security surveillance is increasing steadily. So for the same reason, people are installing wired or wireless security camera system in their home and business property to secure it from the burglars. 

As said before, there are two types of security cameras like wireless and wired. So you have to decide which type of security camera you would prefer to install in your property.
So here in this post, I will try to give a better idea about the security camera systems and the basic difference between them. 
Cost and installation

Wireless camera system for security is quite costly but they are very easy to install. This is because these cameras have less number of cables and wires. With more cameras available in the market, the price of the cameras is steadily going down.

Compared to wireless cameras, wired ones are cheap and it takes more effort to install them because of large number of wires.

Power supply

Unlike the wired counterparts, there is no need for any electrical connection for wireless cameras as they work on batteries. But you have to make sure to replace them regularly so as to have an uninterrupted streaming of videos.

There is a need for electrical supply in case of wired cameras and so you have to ensure that they are placed near a power source.

Setting up

In case of the wireless cameras there is very minimal need of using wires. So for the same reason, you will not have to drill holes in the wall or make your room look untidy.

You can easily connect the wireless cameras with sensors that you have placed at different locations like on doors or windows. Compared to the wired cameras, here the cameras are connected on Wi-Fi and the video and audio signals will be transmitted to the main centre over the Wi-Fi transmitter.

Again, you can also connect other devices like motion detectors, security cameras, keypads and other accessories to the main panel and use.

Here all the sensors placed on the doors and windows are connected to the security cameras through wires. Again, they are connected to the main panel through wires too. If you feel that the walls or the floor is flooded with wires, you can take some measures to hide them under the carpet or behind the walls. 

If you want to add other motion detectors or surveillance cameras to the main panel, you can do it using the wires. So when you plan to update your surveillance system, you can keep on adding devices using wires. 


The chances are more that the security cameras of wireless type can be affected by external factors like changing weather conditions. This may stop the cameras from functioning or even the recordings can be sent to wrong devices. Moreover, chances are more that these cameras can get hacked as they run on the internet. So protecting them from the wrong hands becomes necessary.    

One of the main issues with wired ones is that chances are more that the wires can get meddled by kids which can stop the surveillance in that area. Moreover, the cameras are placed in the outdoor region which increases the chance of attack by burglars.

People who are wise will definitely make the small investment and make their home & property safe and secured by installing the security cameras. So if you too are considering the same, then these above post will help you a long way.
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