The man who is the role-model for the young people

Some people are living their life to be a role model and inspiring spirit to the other people on the planet. They are highly inspirational to the youngsters who are known as the backbone of the future generation in the entire world. One among such highly inspiring person is the Blake Goldring, who lives in Toronto and is the chairman and the chief executive officer of the blake goldring agf management limited that has the investment in the United States of America,

 Canada, Asia and Europe. Blake serves as the member of society of financial analysts as well as the fellow of the institute of bankers in Canada. He has pursued a BA in economics at the University of Toronto and later he has completed a masters of business administration from the INSEAD in France.  He has started the apolitical organization in Canada and serves as the chairman of the Canadian company “Many Ways to serve” which has been created in the 2006 to make the community leaders as well as the Canadian people together so that they give support to the Canadian army and the families at their home as well as in abroad. He has been recognized as the Canadian diversity champion by the women of influence in the year of 2012. Blake lives along with his wife and three daughters in Canada. 
Blake’s Professional contributions:

         Blake serves as the director of the Howe Institute.
         He is the member of council of chief executives in Canada.
         He serves the member of the presidents’ organization.
         He acts as the member of the IFIC ad hoc research committee.
         He is also the leadership council member of the financial services alliance in Toronto.

Community services:

         He is the Director of the Canadian film center.
         He is the chairman of the Canadian company.
         He serves as the Governor of the club in Toronto.
         He is the member of advisory board, Ivey School of business and the Lawrence center.
         He is the member of the Presidents’ International alumni council.
         He is the member of the united way of greater Toronto.
         He has been appointed as the chair of the Sunnybrook Health Sciences center.
         He is the director of the Jeanne SauvĂ© foundation; the additional details can be seen in the

Awards and recognitions that are given to Blake:

Blake has been awarded the various awards that indicate the respect, people have on them.
         He is the VIMY award recipient award in the year of 2014.
         He has the recognition of the B’nai Brith Award of merit in the year of 2011.
         In the year of 2011, he has been recognized as the honorary colonel by the army in Canada.
         He is recognized with the commanders’ commendations in the year of 2009 by CLS and in the year of 2011 by the LFCA.
         He is given the award of University of Toronto’s arbor award.
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