Some Brilliant Ideas on Colours for Your Granite Kitchen Worktop

Granite comes in different colours, patterns, and hues, and this is one big reason why it remains a great choice for many homeowners. Couple this with the fact that granite is an innately strong and durable material which can last for years (nay, decades), and you have a sure winner on your hands. But when it comes to choosing a granite worktop colour, what are your choices? Here are some brilliant ideas on the best colours for your granite kitchen worktop.

Cream and beige granite

It can be said that cream and beige are some of the most popular colours in regards to granite worktops. And why not? They are versatile and can go very well with most kitchen themes. If you want to remain neutral in your choice of colours, you can opt for a cream or beige granite worktop – always a heavy favourite amongst homeowners who want to go the classic or traditional route. It is also a safe, reasonable choice if you want to reduce the likelihood of committing an error when choosing the colour for your granite worktop. For a more dramatic effect, you can opt for a cream or beige background for your granite worktop interspersed with black patterns or veins.

Black granite
Black granite is another popular colour when it comes to granite worktops, and it has a more stunning, dramatic look. The good news about black granite worktops is that they fit well with both traditional and modern kitchens, and they often add a more luxurious, elegant feel to your kitchen. One aspect you should keep in mind, though, is that black granite worktops may require a bit more work, simply because it’s harder to see crumbs and dust on the surface. You may have to clean it more periodically, although many black granite worktops are often less likely to soak up stains (being denser). If you want something a bit more unique, you can also go for a black granite worktop with dark red, white, or grey mottles.

Gray granite

If you want your kitchen to exude a more chic, sophisticated look, a gray granite worktop is a brilliant choice. Gray granite is very popular for more modern, contemporary kitchens, and you also have different options in regards to gray granite: you can opt for more drama with gray granite with big white mottles or veins or even a ‘mosaic’ pattern, or you can be as understated and subtle as possible with a gray granite worktop with tiny white veining.

An abundance of colours

As mentioned, one factor which makes granite very popular is its range of colours, as granite worktop London suppliers like J.R. Stone can attest. There’s red granite, pink granite, green, yellow, blue, and even purple. At the end of the day, you’re only limited by the design and theme of your kitchen and your own personal preference. Happy choosing!
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