Emergence and Evolution of Modern Art

It goes without saying that art is a medium of expression. But, even art has got different forms such as – performance art, visual art, sculpting, pottery etc. It is undisputable that among all these forms of art, painting is the most common form of expression. Artists use their brush strokes to narratestory; that is why we often feel that certain paintings tend to communicate with us. If you are someone like me then you will find solace by looking at paintings. There is something calming about gazing at paintings. Therefore, when it comes to infusing tranquil environment in home, people often choose soothing paintings. One such form of painting that inspires many people, including me, is modern art paintings.
Emergence of Modern Art

To define modern art, it becomes imperative to know understand the word “modern”. Dictionary meaning of the word suggest that it is something that belongs to the present age. However, if we talk about the term modern in connection to the art world, the dictionary meaning does not hold good. In terms of art, modern age means the age of industrial revolution. Thus, modern art is the terminology used to refer to the artworks that were produced in the era that witnessed industrial revolution. Industrial revolution bought social changes and affected people’s life. Industries, transport and technology witnessed path breaking changes. Monies were being generated and cities were being urbanized. This urbanization led to the emergence of a new wealthy class that who later became patrons and collectors of artworks. This trend also revolutionized the art sector. A new class of artists emerged who wanted to explore new themes of urbanization, development and chaos. They used new subjects and new techniques; and thus modern art came into existence.

Attributes Associated with Modern Art

Modern art paintings were based on realism. Artists took up paints, brushes and canvases to express how they perceived the new world. Subjects like urban colonies, industries and rail networks inspired artists. 
Improved transport system provided them with the opportunity to explore outdoor locales and they started creating picturesque landscape paintings. Moments like impressionism, cubism, abstraction, futurism, surrealism and pop art were some influential movements of modern art.

It goes without saying that entrancing modern art paintings have remained a favorite genre of art collectors who love to buy paintings for their homes.
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