10 Boot Camp Workout Ideas for your Fitness Body Buster Bootcamp

Boot camp workouts are challenging tasks.Designing a new bootcamp workouts, creating new exercises and new book camp classes are not an easy task. You can take your Body Buster Bootcamp in a fun way to do the workouts daily to see the positive results quickly.

There are lots of idea and methods to consider when you are designing the boot camp workouts. Here are some highly preferred boot camp workouts which can help you to get success in boot camp.

1. Circuits: The circuit workouts are most difficult one to do. One can try 3 to 10 different exercises daily to get a fit body. Divide your groups into equal stations and rotate them in a circular motion for 30 to 60 seconds. This is the most effective way to get up your participants heart rates and practice them a variety of exercises in one workout. Every participant can equally do the exercise in each station.

2. Tabata: Tabatas is the most effective workout in the bootcamps for weight loss which can do in short span of time. Try challenging exercises daily and try to involve the larger muscle groups. The Tabatas work time is 20 seconds and 10 seconds of rest. These are repeated in 8 times, i.e. 8 sets. The total time consuming for this workout is 4 minutes. You can choose sprints, squats, mountain climb exercises.

3. Partner Exercises: In this exercise, you can have the partners to complete the exercises. The partner can support you while doing the exercises.

4. Numbered Sets: These Numbered sets are another most effective workout to motivate your boot camp. Pick the exercises like 10 squats, 10 mountain climbers, 10 push ups, and 1 lap etc. The campers can perform 5 rounds. This workout can usually work great when the participants can take challenge to beat their friends.

5. Timed Workouts: In this workout the participants can pick some time for doing exercises and finish them within the allotted time. At this time, they can perform many rounds of exercises. For example, I want to perform 10 push ups, 10 lunges and 20 burpees in 12 minutes of time. These workouts are the best one to add in any bootcamps for weight loss.

6. Obstacle Course: Obstacles are a fun way to work out. You can use any handy, like tires, cones, ladders, etc. Be creative to perform new workout.

7. Fitness challenges: You can choose any one to take a challenge to complete the exercise. For example, you can challenge your partner with 50 push ups in 5 minutes and take the challenge seriously to beat your partner. This will help you to do bootcamp workouts in the most effective way.

8. Friendly competitions and Team races: Divide your participants into two teams and challenge them to do different exercises. And see which team finishes first. The winning team can give exercise to other groups as penalty.

9. Max REP Tests: Test your participants by assigning different exercises to perform. This is a great way of motivating the participants in the boot camp.

10. Weekly fitness tests: Fitness tests are the great way to test your boot campers that their fitness levels are improved or not. Take the test in a week and compare their results with the previous one to see the improvement.
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