Things You Can Do To Keep Your Hair Gorgeous With Sodium Laureth Sulfate Free Shampoo

“Winter is coming!” this is probably the most suitable dialogue for your hair right now. The chilly winter season is knocking the doors and you need to do everything possible to keep your hair gorgeous. And a sodium laureth sulfate free shampoo can prove to be a great help in doing so.

Sulfate free shampoo helps you get rid of that itchiness, dullness, breakage and messy hair that become the biggest hair issues during winters. If you are also worried about these issues and want to do something about it, check out this article.

Provide the natural oils to the scalp with a paraben free shampoo

The dryness is one of the reasons why your scalp feels itchy all the time. And that dryness brings flaky dry skin with it, which eventually becomes dandruff. In order to avoid all of these situations, you need to get rid of your regular shampoo that you have been using all summer. The sulfate content of regular shampoo is provided to remove the oil from the scalp along with the dust and dirt.

On the other hand, the natural shampoo provides moisture and much-required oil to your scalp during winters, allowing your hair to shine and look amazing.

Wash your hair two to three times with sodium sulfate free shampoo

While the regular shampoos should be allowed to touch your hair at all, the natural ones are safe to use. These natural shampoos can be used two to three times a week to wash the hair. This much washing is enough to clean your hair and provide the required moisture to it.

The absence of sulfate will allow the scalp to provide needed oils to the hair. This is a great way to get the shiny, bouncy look of your hairstyle during winters also.

Provide nourishment with a natural conditioner after glycerin free shampoo wash

You need to remember that atmosphere during winters takes away most of the nourishment out of the scalp. Hence, providing needed nourishment regularly is a must. You can skip conditioning during winters. You need to apply conditioner after each shampoo wash.

But make sure that the conditioner also contains natural components only. It should not be made of harmful chemicals, or it will destroy the work done by the natural shampoo. It would be a better idea to find the natural shampoo and conditioner from the same brand. This will keep you assured that you are using the right hair care products.

Sodium chloride free shampoo wash with too hot water is “too” bad for your hair

Washing hair with too hot water leaves the pores on your scalp open, which makes your hair weak in front of the outer pollution. So, it is better to avoid hot water wash. However, lukewarm water wash with natural shampoo is suitable for your hair. You can keep your hair protected from all kinds of threats.


So, these are the tips you need to keep in mind to keep your hair gorgeous this winter.

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