The first time I tried Men’s Makeup

It was the first year of my college when I felt I want to take care of my looks. I had the best body shape, a nice blond hair color, but my skin was unfortunately not in its best shape. I always watched my sister and gay friend using Makeup, ranging from skin products to eye cosmetics as well as lipsticks. I did not know the difference of Makeup products; however I was always curious to know.

So I said to myself I would take the courage, ask my expert friend and take his opinion on how to hide my imperfections and make my skin glow. So the test day was here. He tried on my face many men cosmetics products that I was not aware off. We started by using color liquid foundation for men that really made my skin soft and velvety. His hade shades of light, medium and dark foundation. I used the medium so I can hide my acne. After application, I started seeing my acne imperfections disappear under this layer of cream color.

Then he applied concealer for men to hide some stubborn pimples that were refusing to disappear. I have to say I was wowed. After the concealer, I really got the courage and wanted to try the pirate look and asked him if we can do some black effect on my eyes. So he applied the guyliner another name for eyeliner for men. The dark color was very manly, yet screaming attitude.

I personally loved it. Last but not least and to give my lips a sexy appeal, he recommended I try a lip gloss, or something he called my transparent lipstick. I have to agree the lipstick had a tint of red with strawberry flavor that gave me a reason to smile and use my side smile charm. The makeup session was done, and I looked myself in the mirror, expecting that I would look like a drag queen preparing for the show, however I was positively surprised that the makeup looked so natural but gave me this youth color that I always needed. Also it hid all the imperfections and wrinkles I had in my skin.

I was really convinced that the use of Mens Makeup is not as difficult as I was expecting. So I took my friend’s opinion on where to buy these products, as I was totally ignorant on where to find them. He advised me to visit a trendy mens clothing website called Differio, that I already heard off. He said that they introduced a men’s makeup section. In fact, they had the largest variety of Makeup for men, from concealer for men, to guyliner, manscara (mascara for men), tinted moisturizers and more.

My first day in the college came, and I did wear makeup, and honestly it gave me confidence to face the world. I never expected I would use makeup, but I am proud of it and I advice every man to try at least once.
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