The Advantages of Heated Windscreen Wiper Blades

Windscreen wipers are essential on any vehicle.  Whether you are the fastest car on the planet or the slowest, when it rains you will need to see where you are going.  Simply deciding never to drive in the rain is not enough; you never know when it may happen and without wiper blades you will not be going anywhere.  It is not just rain that is an issue, hail, mist and even condensation can cause issues which your car’s heating system cannot handle by itself.  

Of course, as with any system; there is a better alternative to the standard wiper blade; heated windscreen wiper blades as supplied by Crystal Clear can provide a huge array of benefits and make it easier to drive in the winter traffic.  There are several benefits of using heated windscreen wiper blades:


This is the biggest and most obvious problem for anyone during the winter, or who lives in a cold climate.  Ice on your windscreen can make it impossible to use your vehicle which can be particularly difficult if you are unable to see where you are going.  Even clearing a small patch to see through can take time and is also dangerous as you will not have proper visibility of the road around you.

However, if you drive an emergency response vehicle, or are desperate to take an injured family member to hospital, or even if you have a pregnant partner about to go into labor you will not appreciate having to wait even one second to be able to drive your vehicle.

Even truck drivers, bus drivers and snow ploughs can benefit from heated windscreen wiper blades; they can get you on the road quicker when people are waiting for you to pick them up or for you to deliver their essential supplies.

Aftermarket Accessory

You do not need to purchase an expensive, luxury car model in order to benefit from heated windscreen wiper blades.  There are many aftermarket solutions available and they are designed to fit almost any vehicle.  The blades are designed to heat up extremely quickly which allows them to melt even thick ice.  This frees them to move almost instantly and the heat of the blades will melt the ice on the screen as they move across your windscreen.  

Research suggests that using heated windscreen wipers will reduce the stress on your windscreen.  Ice and extreme heat can increase the likelihood of your screen cracking.  Scraping the ice off can have a similar effect as the effort of pushing against the screen to remove ice can destabilize any cracks.  It is, therefore, safer to use heated wiper blades.  You should already be aware that pouring hot water onto your windscreen is practically asking for it to crack due to the sudden change in temperature.


A single automatic heated wiper blade can cost as little as $70; this is very little more than a quality wiper blade replacement with the added safety and convenience of the melting factor; this alone makes it worthwhile.
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