Pepper Chicken

The dish of pepper chicken is a very spicy one. The dish with pepper as the main ingredient makes one of the best preparations of chicken. The preparation is a bit spicy and rich with a tinge of chili in it but has stolen the heart of many who has tasted it once. This article would tell you a lot about the dish of pepper chicken and its preparations.

The origin of pepper chicken

The pepper chicken is a very spicy dish which has got its origin in the Southeast Asia. The Dish used to be served as a regional special dish. However, with the passage of time the dish has spared through the boundaries and has become one of the favorites of a number of people. The dish is quite popular among those people who have an utter interest in tasting something spicy in short intervals.

The Ingredients Used In The Preparation Of Pepper Chicken

The pepper chicken is a dish which has a great spicy taste and would leave you in awe once you taste it. The preparation uses a number of spicy ingredients which gives a wonderful smell to the dish which is as equally attractive as the taste. The following part of the article would give you a brief idea about the ingredients that accounts for its tremendous tasteful and spicy look.

The ingredients consist of chicken pieces as the must. The chicken that is used for the preparation of the dish must be boneless to make it the perfect one. The other important ingredients are sliced onion, bell peppers from which the name has originated and salt as per the taste requirement. The preparation of pepper chicken uses a unique method that enhances the spice and taste of the dish. The pieces of chicken is marinated and kept with the black pepper sauce for at least ten minutes that takes out the taste of the chicken making it even attractive. The use of sesame oil in the preparation adds to its spice. The dish is served hot as a side dish to any delicious dish.

The Rating Of The Dish

Is it common to have chicken curry in every special occasion? Are you bored with the same taste of the chicken preparations made at home? Then it is time for you that you try something spicy. Try the preparation of pepper chicken at home as the home preparations have a complete different taste. Or you can easily avail one in any of the restaurants or hotels. The price of the dish may seem to be a bit higher as the preparation is made special with expert hands. However, trying the dish at any restaurant would give you a special experience that would be worth remembering. A good restaurant would present the dish in a very spicy manner with a beautiful garnishing at the top of the dish they prepare. You may also get added spice of chili or coriander leaf.

Popularity Of The Dish

The dish of pepper chicken is quite popular among the people of the country India. It is mainly found in the eastern region of the country. The spreading of the dish into various regions within the country as well as out of the country has given it variations according to the availability of the ingredients. The ingredients of a particular region have also made the change in the recipe as these ingredients need a different method of cooking. This has as well affected the taste of the dish. You can as well avail all the variations of the dish in different restaurants in a particular region. This is because of the popularity of all the forms of variations. So go out and try the dish and reviews have proved that you would not return unsatisfied.
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