How to Arrange the Kitchen According to Feng Shui

Food is the primary source of strength, power and energy, so it is important to have a proper storage in the home for it. According to Feng Shui there are a few rules that every family needs to follow for the health of the whole family. Kitchen is the place where we prepare food and the way you arrange the kitchen directly contributes to the quality of the food. Real American timber will help you arrange the kitchen according to FengShui.

The position or the location of the kitchen is the first most important step. The best location for a kitchen is the back part of the home. It is not good to place in the center of the home because this directly affects the emotions. Believe it or not, according to Feng Shui, if the kitchen is located behind the front door it brings problems with the alcohol. 

The kitchen must always be a clean place and there shouldn’t be too many appliances or items. The person who uses the kitchen must be able to easily reach all the products and items they need. Otherwise, it will contribute to bad energy and insecurity. 

The importance of the stove

If the stove is placed in the corner, that position is not very comfortable for cooking. Also, it is not recommended to place it by the sink or the refrigerator, because water and fire are two opposite elements that do not go together. That kind of arrangement is not recommended. Change it immediately by adding something green, like a plant in between the sink or the refrigerator and the stove. This will create the perfect cycle of water – wood and fire. 

Also, putting the stove under the window can create a financial instability. Find the perfect place for your stove that will attract positive energy in the home. 

The color of the kitchen

The first color that you probably thought of is the red because it is a warm and relaxing color. But the red color has the opposite effect in the world of Feng Shui. Red color makes you more insecure and causes fights in the family. So, what are the best colors according to Feng Shui? Pale green, beige, wood color and purple. Some people use a combination of these colors for a better energy in the home. 

When it comes to decorating the kitchen, you should pay attention to the tiles. They need to have the same or similar color as the kitchen. It should have a proper lighting and not too many items and appliances. One should pay attention to the dirty dishes, refrigerator and the stove and keep them clean. All the food should properly be stored in drawers. 

If you arrange the kitchen according to these Feng Shui rules, your home will be in a good harmony and happiness. Try it, you will definitely like it.
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