Establishing a Good Working Relationship With Your Contractor

As badly as you want a contractor to get the job done they are hired to do, it is important to maintain a good working relationship so that everything moves forward in a pleasant and positive fashion. Below are a few great ideas to keep in mind when dealing with a contractor you have hired.

Maintain Good Communication

There will be less tension and everyone will stay on the same page if you practice good communication skills. Projects that require the use of a contractor can be stressful, but if you find the preferred method for communicating easily it will make a huge difference in how smooth everything runs. Try phone calls or personal time to discuss any issues or concerns.

Get Specific Itemized Lists for Needed Materials

If there is a need for certain items, such as bathroom or kitchen fixtures, beware if the estimate offers a vague number. If the number seems unrealistic to you it will probably creep up to an amount that can blow your mind. Price a few wanted items and go with that budgeted amount. Get it clear and in writing with the contractor.

Keep a Notebook Handy Devoted to the Project

Seeing a project through to completion can be very exciting. Journal the experience using a notebook that is totally devoted to the project and nothing else. This a great place to add notes and reminders of any questions you might have for the contractor. Everything can be kept in one area.

Check the Work Periodically

It can be a big mistake to put off checking work until the last minute. Check the progress periodically so that you can catch any errors quickly. This will save time, money and frustration. Compliment the work anytime you feel it is deserving. A little kindness never hurts.

Get Any Changes in Writing

It is not uncommon to run into additional problems during a remodel or other extensive project. This can force a change and include additional work that was not in the contract. The contractor will want more money, but you can still make them bid for the additional job. Make sure to get any and all changes to the project down on paper. It is better to be clear about the entire scope of the work during the entire process.

Pay In Full Once the Work Is Completed

Never hand a contractor the entire amount of the job in the beginning. It is more than acceptable to pay a 10% deposit and schedule installment payments on the rest as it gets completed. You will avoid being stung by a contractor that is dishonest and might take the money and skip out on the project.

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