Different Types of Sherwani Designs

The wedding season is right around the corner, and with weddings come family occasions that are hard to let go of. The primitive thought of men having to wear only suits or a blazer and jeans is not existent anymore because Indian wear includes festive embellishments like Sherwanis or kurta pyjamas and many more ensembles. Sherwanis can be worn with dhotis, churidars and salwars, thus giving the Indian men more choices than ever before. The Sherwani need not be limited to only festive occasions. 

 They can be worn at weddings, birth anniversaries, naming ceremonies, engagements and red carpet events too! 

Sherwanis have become impeccable fashion statements for men and assets that transform to the perfect attire for any and every occasion. 

Some of the most popular styles for Sherwanis are:
-      Chipkan Style Sherwani: The contemporary era bought about a lot of inspiration and this is one such example. These Sherwanis are practically a reflection of the Mughal era, when Sherwanis were worn by kings and princes back in that period. Adding a touch of royalty to your ensemble is most preferential in this type. It is appealing and heavy, but royal nonetheless. Pairing it with royal accessories like jewelled mojiris and a studded turban in a regal material like silk is perfect.
-      Indo-Western Sherwani: Mixing western elements with an Indian design brings about the best of both worlds in this particular type of Sherwani. To set a trend, these Sherwanis have become one of the most popular option to wear and carry forward with. From contrasting colours, textured fabrics and outstanding designs, the Indo-western Sherwani is a power packed ensemble meant to be worn to make a fashion statement. Colours like midnight blue, silver, red and gold are popular choices.
-      Achkal Style Sherwani Designs Online : Fashion changes constantly and in order to keep up the trends, mediocrity is the way. Old choices are gold but true to its word because some styles never fade and can be glorified in multiple ways. Popular and ethereal, the achkal styled Sherwani is simple and understated but has a classic edge that can never truly match anything else. Pairing achkal Sherwanis with churidars, dhoti pyjamas and jackets make for trendsetting examples.
-      Angrakha Sherwani: If the preference of highlighting the upper body is prominent, then the Angrakha Sherwani fits the bill. A well-structured physique demands to be flaunted and Angrakha Sherwanis will not let you down here. This style is hugely demanded and fashionistas say that the Angrakha Sherwani is so beautiful by itself that further enhancement is just not required, well, except for the Royal slippers of course!
-      Printed Modern Sherwani: This is the new best thing for men who want more than simple embellishments. The modern take on these Sherwanis is such that the Sherwani is covered with quirky prints and designs which look glittery and fabulous when paired with simple churidars or salwars. Patterns like leaves, warli designs, Indian motifs, amalgamation of rich designs and much more is what makes the printed Sherwani so sought after.
Other Sherwanis include Pakistani styled ones, Jodhpur styled Sherwanis, Jacket styled Sherwanis, Anarkali styled Sherwanis and many more that speak of richness, festivity, grandeur and splendid fabric dolled into one sturdy and beautiful Sherwani which is more than just an ensemble. Richly designed with sheer country elegance, contrasted borders, panelled seams, embellished cufflinks, pearl buttons and stylish churidars- the Sherwani you choose displays your passion and personality on your sleeve.
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