Tips for Outfitting the Perfect Guest Room

Do you find yourself frequently hosting out of town guests? Maybe your family like to take advantage of the great rates offered by One Travel and enjoy a few nights in your guest room. Chances are if you live close to or in a major city, you have frequent visitors. Make the most of your spare room and turn it into a comfortable guest room. The other increasingly popular option for those with spare bedrooms that live close to major cities is it to rent the room to travelers using one of many reputable websites.

Follow thee recommendations from the experts for outfitting your guest room. Once you’ve purchased a quality mattress, frame and headboard, consider additional pieces of furniture depending of the room’s size. A bedside table for an alarm clock, lamp and tissues will be welcomed by your guests. Consider either a writing table or chest of drawers for storage for guests. You can designate one drawer for guests. Leave it slightly ajar so they’ll see it’s clearly for their use.  A luggage rack will save wear and tear on the bedding and dresser tops and be convenient for your guests.  Invest in quality linens and natural fiber pillows. Ensure ample hanging space is available in the closets and nice wood hangers for your guests.  Extras to consider are curtains and blinds to provide decoration and privacy as well as a small night light for the hall outlet closest to the bathroom.

After you’ve outfitted your guestroom, take the plunge and actually spend the night in the room. You’ll know first -hand about the quality of the linens and mattress as well temperature and lighting in the room. Your guests will thank you! Enjoy the perks of having a great guest room – it might well pay for itself!
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