Since time immemorial man has struggled with his libido and since 5000 years humans have found the solution and it has been documented.

The recent advent of viagra has brought about a huge potential for such drugs and many man who hide their impotency have hugely benefitted and come out of the closet and started using this wonder drug for their erectile dysfunction problem.

Though viagra is a chemical combination and it may have adverse side effects if not taken under medical guidance. But the herbal counterpart can be very beneficial and with minimal to no side effects.

The high cost of purchasing viagra which is a costly pill and if consumed on daily basis would be huge dent in the pocket as well as to your health condition too.

Men have always wanted everlasting performance in bed and for woman it would be huge turn on. The use of such medications ensured that the election lasted for a very good time and it also gave sexual satisfaction to both the partners hence becoming a booming industry and very lucrative in the process.

Though the process on how it works in the body very complex and theoretical it took ages for many pharmacies to come up with a wonder drug which help drive away the stigma of impotence in many men and women.

Korean red ginseng
It is the go to for many people who do not want chemical side effects. This drug has been used for centuries and scientifically also backed by studies conducted on animals and studying their sexual behavior after the consumption of the Korean red ginseng. It was seen that their sexual predatory activity had actually increased.

It is seen that unlike viagra which stimulates the brain and then the arterial wall dilation of the penis, the ginseng relaxes the smooth muscles of the penile organ by releasing nitric oxide and thus enabling it for erection.


Studies have been conducted on men in an age bracket where erectile dysfunction usually begins and it was found out that this drug actually had good results.

A dosage of 900mg per day for eight weeks gave good results.

Uses of ginseng

One can see improved memory and focus
  1.   It is useful for fighting of stress and disease which are common parlance in today’s life and age.
  2. It has wide range of uses from curing common colds and flu to herpes.
  3. It has been used for prevention of diabetes.
  4. It is advised that pregnant and nursing mothers are not be given ginseng,
  5. Infants and children are also not advised to be given ginseng.
  6. This extract is taken orally and depending on the kind of ailment the dosage is prescribed. It should not be taken near bed time as it may cause sleeplessness.
  7. The Korean ginseng should not be taken more than three months at a time.
Side effects

Insomnia, head ache, dizziness, allergic reactions, nausea, vomiting, stomach upset, menstrual cramps, stomach upsets, breast pain, vaginal bleeding, increase or decrease in the blood pressure, irregular heart beat and breathing troubles.
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