Clen Cycle- Dosage- Used for treating Asthama and few other diseases

Clenbuterol is one of the famous steroids and many bodybuilders use it. But there is a confusion if is a steroid which is anabolic or not.

Clen is not anabolic
Clenbuterol is used with many other anabolic steroids and is stacked for best results. This is a stimulant which is considered to be non-anabolic steroid. Drugs like Adderall, albuterol and caffeine belong to the same steroid group. Clenbuterol has different ways in which it stimulates with the nervous system. Clen stimulates with the adrenoreceptors which are inter connected with the tissues of the body.

Clen when it meets different receptors in the body, it has different effects with different cells. Human body has nine andrenoreceptors which are labelled with alpha and beta numbers. The stumilants as well as sympathomimetic compounds are different in the way they act. Clen is famous with the way it reacts with Beta 2 receptor. The metabolism differs from steroid to steroids. Clens anabolic properties help it in stacking with other anabolic steroids. Learn more about the Clen Cycle.
Clen is not classified as a steroid
Clen is primarily used for burning fat mainly in entertainment as well as in athletic fields. It was also used in medical field. Sympathomimetic which are stimulants were used for treatment in different diseases. They can be treated with many medicationsin. This drug Clen was used for treating asthma. Mnay inhalers have main ingredient as Clen. As it has Beta-2 receptors it is effective in treating asthma patients.

When clen is used , throat , nose and lungs are expanded due to bronchial dilation. Neurotransmitters are created by human body which will also be working as sympathomimetic stimulants. Clen was also used for treating anaphylactic shock, swelling, allergy, migraine, histamine reactions cardiovascular shocks and hypertension.

Effects of Clen 
Clen is famous for is anabolic functioning. It has clear effect on the tissues of the muscle. But the effect is really mild and minor. Many studies and results on body builders have shown that the effects are really minor. When  used on long periods the effects are seen. When it is stacked with other steroids then there is enhancement in the physic and in the performance.

It mainly aids in fat loss. Slight anabolic effects were seen in animals while this is really dangerous for humans. Clen also promotes fat loss which it is muscle sparing. Because of its Beta-2 receptors, Clen has ability to boost fat loss. When beta -2 receptors are activated, the metabolism is activated and the triglyceride breakdown begins.

These are then converted in free fatty acids. The beta 2 receptors effect the metabolism directly. Clen works differently on different individuals. For fat loss, Clen works well. Clen has half life which is nearly 36-48 hrs. So the dosage must be just one for a day. When clen is used daily, it is used for regulating the beta-2 receptors and the body will be used with the clen activity. So there will be a breakdown and the body will be used.
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