A Trip to the Wine Shop Cellar

The process of purchasing wine from an online store is easy and convenient. You will not waste your time on driving, queuing or carrying the heavy bottles from the shop. The wine will be delivered to your home at little or no service charge.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult for anyone to buy new wine from the store without being familiar with its taste and quality. Therefore, you should periodically plan a trip to the wine shop cellar for a tasting experience. Here are the critical aspects of wine cellar tasting that you should know.

Tasting Lab Schedule
When planning to visit a wine shop cellar, you should confirm that the tasting lab will be open to customers. The exact schedule will depend on the specific wine shop, so you should call ahead of time or check the specified time on their website to avoid wasting a trip. Most tasting labs are open daily from around ten o’clock in the morning to early evening. The timetable might be different for the weekends and often, the cellar will be closed during public holidays and on Sundays.

Know Your Options
You should inquire about your wine tasting options when preparing for your cellar trip. Basically, it would not be beneficial if the wines available for tasting are not in sync with your personal tastes. You should confirm that the range of products is wide enough for an enjoyable experience. Ideally, you should choose a wine shop cellars that offers about fifty wines daily for tasting. These will include promotional wines, varietal products and wines from different regions.

Special Events
There are special tasting events hosted by wine shop cellars, so you should watch out for these as a wine enthusiast. While there are numerous quality products offered on daily basis in wine shops, you will rarely get an opportunity to taste premium stuff.

Moreover, these events present an opportunity to explore specific types of wines or beverages from a particular wine region. For example, you might find a Italian premium wine occasion or a food and wine pairing event which will expand your knowledge. You can remain appraised of upcoming gatherings by signing up for news update on most online wine shops.


There are small charges attached to wine tasting occasions, and it is important to know the potential cost. This minimal fee ensures that the attendees have serious interest in the wine and covers the cost of running the events. Generally, you will get full value because you can explore all the options and keep notes for your future purchases.

Exclusive events or food and wine pairing affairs will be expensive. Therefore, check the difference in cost when you get an advance ticket versus buying the invite at the event. You can also find discounts when you sign up for wine tasting, so watch out for such opportunities.

Buying the Wine

When you are at a wine shop cellar, you should take advantage of your circumstances and purchase the wine in-store. You will have a fresh perspective on the products and you might find some wines are on sale for the day. In general, online stores will still require you to process your order through the commercial website. This is an expedient option and you can take your goods home with you. Alternatively, you can request for a delivery according to the normal schedule for your convenience.

Common Tips and Etiquette
Practicing basic wine tasting etiquette will make the experience more enjoyable for you and other patrons. You should avoid wearing strong fragrances or any at all because odors will affect the taste of the wine. Do not be the know-it-all who ruins the occasion by pretending to be the greatest connoisseur.

Instead, make small talk with grace without annoying other people by being patronizing. You can linger and re-taste wines, but do not get drunk or become disruptive. Additionally, purchase the wine according to the guidelines set by the online tore. Do not haggle over the prices because a tasting lab is not a common marketplace.

Finally, when you plan a trip to the wine shop cellar, ensure that you have an open mind. Put aside your preconceived preferences for a moment and allow yourself to explore the offered options. You might just find something truly amazing that you will enjoy.
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