The Retreat Center Illinois Residents Love

The retreat centers in Illiinois are great places to start your spiritual journey. They are places for people looking to have an encounter with God. If you have never had a relationship with God, you should consider booking in at any one of these retreat centers so you can receive the help and motivation to seek God. You can choose to visit the centers or stay in for as long as it takes for you to get to know God and the Holy Spirit.

One thing you will need to be prepared for is the fact that modern technology is not encouraged here. You will find that you cannot watch TV, talk on the phone or have any other devices that will cause you to take your focus off God. These things all dominate life in the outside world, so when you are at the retreat center Chicago, you should do your best to avoid them. You will have a spiritual director assigned to you. This person is there to help you on your journey to discovering God. You can ask them all the questions you want, as you will have time to see them every day that you are at the retreat.

These retreat centers in Illiinois are great for people looking for purpose in their lives and an experience and encounter with God. If you feel that life has you down or you can't cope with your circumstances, you should consider spending time here. Being alone is one of the best ways to put your life into perspective. In order to get away from it all and think clearly, you need to separate yourself from all of the distractions of daily life. These centers are priceless since they give people the opportunity to do this, whenever they need to.

We are a full-service retreat center with excellent meeting/conference rooms, private direction rooms, overnight facilities, dining hall and a Chapel; currently celebrating Mass Tuesdays & Thursdays.  Our comfortable facilities and hospitable environment are set in 157 acres of wooded area along a river teeming with wildlife, song birds, hiking trails and an awesome night sky.

Consistent with our Jesuit tradition and Ignatian heritage, we offer individual 8-day and 30-day directed, silent retreats based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola.  We also welcome individuals and groups for their own private retreats and offer a variety of additional preached retreats and other programs throughout the year.  Our mission is to support and foster an active prayer life, a deeper conversion and relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

As a department of Creighton University, we serve Creighton students, faculty/staff and alumni.  We also welcome all others seeking a place of rest or retreat, including religious, parishes, school groups, organizations and private individuals.

Each year we welcome hundreds of church groups, non-profit organizations, government agencies, families, and individuals for residential conferences, day-long meetings, group or individual retreats, family reunions, weddings or picnics.
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