Rise of Cliff Diving as a Popular Sporting Event

According to ‘Sport Magazine’ the premier weekly sporting events periodical of United Kingdom, there has been a marked rise in the popularity of cliff diving. With the rising popularity of high adrenaline sports, the status of cliff diving as a regular sporting event has been established in the sports world. Unlike other high adrenaline sports, cliff diving does not require any additional equipment. All it basically needs is an ace swimmer with nerves of steel! Gary Hunt the reigning cliff diving world champion believes that this sport has not received the popularity due.

Further more Hunt believes that cliff diving is sport that requires finesse, fitness and great dedication. Although, cliff diving is not yet a globally popular sports, but still it is highly accredited amongst many sports enthusiasts. Being originally a high diver, Hunt decided to follow cliff diving as his sporting career because of the versatility of the sport. Soon the particular sports, i.e. cliff diving began to gain popularity and develop its own dedicated group of followers.

According to Hunt the unique features of cliff diving that sets it apart from other similar sports and subsequently the reason behind the meteoric rise in the popularity of the particular sporting event are as follows:

·         Cliff diving is one of the featured sporting events of the Commonwealth Games. Hunt was highly instrumental in increasing the popularity of the sports. He has ardently campaigned for the inclusion of cliff diving as an Olympic sports event.

·      As a sports event cliff diving combines various aspects of sports such as adrenaline rush, finesse displayed while performing aerial acrobatics during the jump time and unpredictability, as the jump is carried out in open air. The stunts implicit in the sport itself makes it attractive to high adrenaline sports enthusiasts.

·     The Red Bull Cliff Diving Championships have also been instrumental in, increasing the popularity of the sports. The cliff diving championships require divers to jump off cliffs of 26 to 28 meters. However, the organizers of the event ensure that proper safety measures are taken to prevent any untoward incident from occurring.

Gary Hunt who began as a high diver, soon decided to follow cliff diving as his chosen career path. Having successfully represented the United Kingdom in the Commonwealth Games and the Red Bull Cliff Diving Series, Hunt decided to follow his passion by convincing the FENA to include cliff diving as an event in the upcoming Olympic Games.

Hunt was born in 1984 and since his teenage years he has pursued high diving as his passion. Being an ace swimmer, the shift to high diving came easily to Hunt. Gary Hunt has been winning the cliff diving world championship from 2010 to 2015. He was placed second only in the year 2013. Hunt is one of the most successful cliff divers with a hat trick to his name, having won the title from 2010 to 2012 consecutively. Presently, Hunt is the reigning cliff diving champion.
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