Increasing Attention Span Becomes Easier With These Simple Tips

Lack of attention is something that all of us face in our lives – at personal level as well as at professional levels. But this can cause you dear for your success as attention is one of the most important components for being successful. The human mind has a tendency of wandering and refuses to stay in a particular place for long. 

There are different kinds of distractions all around us – the most common ones being emotional disturbances and sensory distractions. Overcoming the problem is important for maintaining successful career. Mentioned below are some effective steps which can help in improving attention span in individuals:
  • Regular exercise– If you think that exercising just improves physical health, you are mistaken. Exercise is one of the easiest ways to ‘hack’ your attention span. It impacts the mental health of an individual considerably. It helps in improving attention spans and concentration in individuals. Cognitive controls are bettered significantly with regular exercise – short brisk walks are sufficient. Moderate exercise for 20 minutes in a day helps in increasing attention spans for quite long.
  • Meditation helps– It has been said time and again that meditation helps in increasing focus and concentration successfully. The brain gets trained during meditation and as a result, it is possible to retain focus and concentration for long. When a comparison was done between students who meditated and who took healthy foods and supplements for improve focus and concentration, it was found that students who meditated showed better results in memory tests and other exams.
  • Enjoy music– Music of all kinds can be enjoyed for overall brain functioning. But if you are specifically looking to improve attention and focus in individuals, listen to short pieces of classical music. The part of the brain that is responsible for memory and attention functions better with this input. This is the reason many organizations play music in the background so that employees can have better attention and concentration span.
  • Taking hand notes – With coming of laptops and smartphones, who cares to take notes on pen and paper? This is hampering the attention of individuals to a great extent. It has been found in a survey that people who took notes by hand were more attentive and could identify concepts clearly. Laptops and smartphones can be distracting as one might log into social media or check emails etc. Take notes manually and see the great benefits it brings.
  • Keep the system hydrated – Dehydration is not only harmful for the body, but it hampers the attention span at the same time. Mild dehydration has shown to have negative impacts on focus, concentration and attention spans. Always carry abundant water with you wherever you go. Even if you are not thirsty, take small sips of water from time to time to keep the mind and body hydrated.
The above mentioned ways to ‘hack’ your attention span are simple and easy. The best thing is that you will not need to invest any money to reap benefits from the above mentioned processes.
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