Common Mistakes to Avoid While Arranging Paintings

Are you one of those art lovers who after every visit to an oil painting gallery undertake the task of arranging artworks like a pro? Are you one of those amateurs who plan everything well, but fail miserably when it comes to the execution of the plan? If you fall in any of the mentioned categories, then this article is for you. Read on the article to find out the things to keep in mind while arranging artworks.

Clash of Emotions: Regardless of the fact whether you are a novice art aficionado or a seasoned art collector, one thing that you must consider while arranging painting is – never mismatch different types of paintings. You can give different look and feel to different rooms; disaster happens when you arrange traditional paintings alongside modern art paintings in the same room.

So, it becomes important that you choose right artwork that goes with the mood and theme of the room. For example, paintings in living room have to be stimulating and lively and art in bedroom must be calm and rejuvenating. When you use different genres and themes in a room, there is a clash of emotions.

For instance, imagine hanging a thought provoking abstract art in a calm, serene bedroom setting. The aura of the art will disturb the tranquil environment of the bedroom. No one would want their room to be a catastrophe of mixed emotions. Therefore, to avoid being in such situation, you must not arrange non-compliant art in your living space. Arranging such artworks would defy the purpose of adorning your living space with artworks.

Artificial looking Rooms: The success of decorating your home with art lies in the realization of the fact that your living space appears natural. Every aspect of the room has to match each other. Nothing should be over the top or artificially implanted. When you arrange multiple themed artworks in your room, it will certainly end up looking artificial, like a pond full of weed. Therefore, if you don’t want your room to look made up, you must know where to stop. Your room looks good without that extra painting that you saw in the oil painting gallery; however, if you place it in your room, you will only ruin up the aesthetics of your living space.

Don’t end up looking dumb: We understand that you love to explore and experiment. We admire your creativity and appreciate the mix and match approach, but only till the time the artworks complements each other and the existing d├ęcor of your home. We certainly do not want you to end up looking like a dumb because of your mix and match approach. Consider a traditional styled living room that boosts of rich traditional Indian furniture and a classic mural painting. No matter how tempted you feel to introduce the contemporary painting that you bought at the eye catching oil painting gallery, you must not introduce the painting to this room.

Create agallery wall:If you have ever visited an art gallery, then you must have observed that in an art gallery, different genres of artworks are exhibited in a room. In an art gallery, avan Gogh painting might sit next to the work of Picasso or alandscape painting might be arranged next to an intriguing abstract painting and still not look artificial or dumb. It is because that the sole purpose of an art gallery is to showcase artworks. In art galleries, artworks are arranged properly. So, if you want to display all your paintings together, you should take cues from a gallery and strive to create a gallery wall. Salon style gallery wall gives you the opportunity to display mixed style artworks all at one place, without going over the top.

After reading the article, now that you know the do and don’ts of arranging artwork, don’t you want to try your hand at experimenting with artworks? If you are wondering where you can buy affordable artworks to undertake this project, then the simplest and quickest way to buy paintings is buy them online from a trustworthy online art gallery like Indian Art Ideas.
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