Advantages of Retainer Walls in Landscaping

With unique landscaping items available easily in the market, homeowners often venture in to purchasing and installing landscaping decorative items on their own. However, these items do not last long and soon they have to be discarded. What the homeowners, often overlook, is the importance of fortifying the decorative structure. Concrete landscaping, according to most architects, is one of the easiest methods to not only enhance the appearance of a house, but also to improve the overall strength of the building. The roots of trees often harm the foundation of a building or break the piping system. With concrete landscaping all these issues can be overcome without compromising the overall beauty of one’s home.

According to David Montoya Stonemakers it is essential to have retainer walls surrounding the landscaping structure, to make the entire set up sturdy. The Stone makers management opine that most of the clients looking to renovate or landscape the yard in their garden, opt for false waterfalls or fountains. Usually, these have a small concrete pool as the central item to the entire architecture. In order to ensure the structural strength of the entire construction retainer walls are absolutely essential.

Some of the benefits of setting up retainer walls to protect the landscaping structure are as follows:

·     Ensuring the soil does not detach: The concrete retainer walls fortify the foundation of the landscaping structure. Additionally, it ensures that the soil around the entire construction does not detach itself. The soil has to be treated before the retainer walls are fixed. This ensures that the soil itself does not get detached from the retainer wall and this improves the durability of the overall landscaping structure.

·      Preventing water damage: Retainer walls prevent the entrance of water into the landscape structure itself. Moreover, if rainwater accumulates elsewhere in the property then the retainer walls will prevent the water from flooding into the landscaping structure. Moreover, the concrete walls are impermeable to water, hence, water too would not be able to seep into the structure. Thus, the structure would remain protected against water damage.

·         Improve the structural strength of the entire property: The retainer walls protect the foundation of the overall structure and the house as a whole. Retainer walls are primarily protective of structure and hence, the walls ensure that the area around the walls are also protected against erosion. Thus, the foundation of not only the landscaping item but also the property is reinforced with the retainer walls.

Being in the landscaping business for more than a decade David Montoya Stonemakers mention that no landscaping structure should be built without retainer walls, as that will compromise the durability of structure. 

Retainer walls will ensure not only the longevity and durability of the structure itself, but also of the entire property as a whole. Hence, if one is looking to hire a landscape expert, ensure that he or she has made provisions for retainer walls in the design itself, to fortify the entire construction and the landscaping structure or decorative item.
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