7 Fantastic Things to Do in Oxford

When you think of Oxford you probably think of the famous Oxford University and its beautiful college buildings. What else do you know of this historic city, and what it offers tourists and visitors? Take a look at this shortlist of great things to do when you visit Oxford, England. Oxford is one of the reputed educational institutions in London that hosts the teaching professionals who are having many years of teaching experience and knowledge in this field.
1. Go Out on the Water
You can have a lot of fun simply by hiring a boat and cruising for the day on the rivers and canals of Oxford. The most traditional way to experience the Oxford waterways is by punt, but you can also hire rowboats and motorboats if you want to go further afield. This is one of the top most enjoyable outdoor activities that you can try out in OXFORD.
2. Visit an Oxford Museum
The biggest museum in Oxford, the Ashmolean, is also the first public museum to be created in the UK, and it houses an array of treasures including Greek and Roman art and statues, as well as mummies from Egypt and ancient paintings. There is also the Museum of Oxford to visit, which has some great exhibits. Here, you can get to know about the history of various empires and also get to see lots of painting.
3. Do Some Oxford Shopping 
Oxford is a great place to do some shopping. Browse all kinds of retail places from cool famers markets to antique fairs, luxury goods stores to department stores, outlets to boutiques. Oxford has everything you could need, and plenty more besides. Even if you are simply window shopping it’s a fun way to spend the afternoon in Oxford and its surroundings.
4. Stay in Luxury Accommodation
Don’t miss the chance of staying in some truly luxurious accommodation in Oxford and making it a trip to remember. Choose from one of the luxury hotels oxfordshire offers either in the city itself or the surrounding rural area. You have plenty of choice, from historic houses to cottage-style accommodation. Many hotels have excellent amenities like spas, golf courses, and great restaurants.
5. Take a Cycling Tour
Get active and see the city on a bicycle tour. There are a few to choose from in Oxford, and it is a good way to see the sights and get closer to the most interesting places in Oxford. Enjoy the outskirts in cycle and feel the fresh air on your face.
6. Take a Walking Tour
Or go on a walking tour, where your own feet will take you to interesting and surprising places in Oxford that you can’t reach by bus or car. There are a variety of walking tours to choose from, many of which have special themes like pubs, literature, or films.
7. Relax in an Oxford Park
If you visit in spring or summer, relax in the beautiful surroundings of an Oxford park or garden. The Botanic Gardens are ideal for rest and relaxation, plus many of the colleges have their own lakes and meadows.
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