6 On-The-Go Gadgets That Will Change Your Life

Gadgets are changing the way we interact with the world, and that interactivity is so much bigger than just the connectivity our smartphones offer us. Lots of portable gadgets serve functions you didn't even know you wanted, like offering a private VPN to protect your connection on public Wi-Fi, keeping your morning coffee warm, or scanning documents and photos from a device that fits in your palm.

Identity theft and unsafe networks are a big deal; every time you join a public network you have to be careful. Keezel, a portable online security device, is changing that. Keezel will encrypt yourbrowsing data with a VPN, securing any internet connection you may be using. You can also use it with your Roku and other Wi-Fi devices; it's not limited to phones, tablets, and PCs. This one is especially good for traveling business people who have to look at sensitive documents from hotel or other unsecure Wi-Fi connections.

Portable Cup Warmer

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Not every gadget has to change the way you do business or school. Some gadgets add to your quality of life in small ways, as is the case with the portable cup warmer. Several companies make these useful little devices. They're like tiny hot plates just the right size for your mug of coffee or tea to sit on. You plug them into a wall socket, and they keep your beverage warm for as long as you wish. No more getting distracted by the kids or by that mid-morning interruption, only to turn back to your coffee and find it unpleasantly cold.

Pilot: Smart Earpiece Language Translator
In May 2017 you will be able to buy an earpiece that will translate languages being spoken around you right into your ears. The Pilot ear pieces look just like those new totally wireless earbuds; you will finally be able to walk around in another country while understanding what people are saying. If two people are wearing Pilot, they will be able to speak to each other in different languages, yet have a conversation. Unfortunately, if only one person is wearing Pilot, then the conversation will have to be one-sided. Imagine how this gadget will change the way you travel.

Computing Tablet
Image via Flickr by NEC Corporation of America

When portable tablets first came out, many people saw them as oversized smartphones. Today, however, tablets like the iPad Pro 9.7 have the power and ability to replace laptops in many situations, and they carry distinct advantages over laptops. Apps make doing your work from your tablet simple. Accessories like keyboards make it easy for you to type up documents. Plus, tablets are portable and have a long battery life, so anyone from parents juggling a day full of children to students running from class to class will love how long they can go without plugging a tablet in.

VuPoint PRO Portable Scanner
Scan documents 8.5 inches wide and up to 130 inches long with the VuPoint PRO portable scanner. This handy device is small enough to hold in your hand and operates on batteries. Students and business people will find it especially handy, but anyone who's ever had to run to FedEx to scan or fax a tax document or an annoying form will understand how useful a device like this is. It saves the data to a micro SD card, which makes exporting the data to your Android phone, tablet, or laptop simple.

Tile Tracking Device
Attach a tiny piece of plastic, called a Tile, to your keys, wallet, purse, or anything else you think you might lose. Then, you can find the lost device from your iPhone as long as you're within Bluetooth range. Buy as many tiles as you need, then use the app to find your missing items. The app will tell you roughly how far away you are from the item, so you can start your search with precision. This is the perfect solution for even the most absentminded of folks.

Portable gadgets like these make many aspects of daily life more convenient than ever. You can find a gadget to suit many of your needs, whether you want devices that will make your work life easier, you do a lot of traveling, or you just need your everyday routine to go more smoothly.
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