What to do if human rights are violated in the workplace?

Human rights discrimination is one of the most offensive violations of code anywhere in the world. The situation gets more intense if human rights violations are found in a workplace. It makes the employ alone and his psychological state may decline. The violation can be based on race, sex, interests, etc. and De Bousquet Human Rights Lawyer suggests the following steps to try to battle out of the situation. 

1.       HR and the Employer

The first step an individual must take is to talk about the issue with the HR. If the problem starts from the level of HR, then it is advised to take the matter directly to the employer. File a statement about the violations, which could result in having a permanent or temporary solution. During the whole process the individual must look professional and should not lose his calm. Toronto employment lawyers suggest that keeping the complaints confidential is the best way to go as there is no point in yelling with frustration when the matter is already dealt by the employers. Maintain records of the conversations, send mails about the incidents that have occurred and are occurring to maintain a clear reputation.

2.       Federal Law

The violation complaint can be taken up with the help of federal law as well. But, one must be sure that the company is bound under the acts of Federal laws. The employment lawyer Toronto suggests the employ to contact the Department of Labor to know the precise information about the company. In some cases, Federal filings are only possible after the individual has tried every option the State has to offer. 
3.       Information

While filing a complaint, the individual should take heed to gather every piece of information possible. If the person is unsure about the documentation procedure it is better to approach Toronto employment law firms to seek advice. The primary things to file a complaint are contact information of parties, type of complaint, nature of violation, proofs that can be submitted, agreement documents, wage slips, etc.

4.       Filing the complaint

After gathering all the necessary information and placing it properly, the individual can file a complaint against the company human rights infringement. The complaint should first be taken to the government agency that deals with human rights violation, workplace issues and unreasonable dismissals of employs. The matter will be investigated to see whether the individual is eligible to complain. If deemed yes, the agency suggests compensation and asks the company to change the work policies. 

5.       Progress

With the help of an employment lawyer Toronto the employ can follow the procedure of the agency. If the agency declares that the employ is not eligible for a claim, then one can take the matters to the court. As the case will be closely inspected by the lawyer, there are more chances of getting succeeded in the court rather than in the agency.

These steps can help the individual to save himself from the human right violation and attain justice for the sufferings he has faced.
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