What makes a modern bath sophisticated and luxurious

The traditional bath is replaced by the modern bath adding a touch of sophistication to your home and giving you a luxurious bathing experience. What you earlier considered as a typical loo is now looked upon as an extension of the existing home structure.

This is because modern bathrooms are now decorated with exoticfixtures and furniture, which makes them, looks like one replicating the living room.  The shower, toilet and tub are disguised so well with imagination and creativity that they give you an amazing bathing experience hence helping to get rid of stress.

Materials and finishes used for fixtures and flooring

The most amazing change you get to see in the fixtures available these days in the market is related to the use of its material and finishes. Leather, which one could have never thought of being used in the bath earlier, is now used for countertops and wall tiles. This is because leather now comes with a water coat finish helping it to adapt moisture.

Wood, coming in disguise as luxurious veneers, is also used to for various purposes for designing the bath in these days. Its wide array of colors and finishes ignite a warm feeling in this otherwise cool place. Corain is another material used extensively in making sins and tubs. It is its malleability, which makes it more preferable for use in these fixtures.

Further Corain gives smoothness to the fixtures, which is quite easy to maintain and also enhance the beauty of the bath. Other than these, you can find a myriad of material combinations like glass, porcelain, stone, mosaic and others.

Invisible piping and drainage system
In the traditional baths, pipes and joints were well visible. This is what the modern baths cover up in a unique manner. The showerhead is hidden within the ceiling in a way that is surely going to remind of Athena Springing right from Zeus head and throwing water with a heavy gush each time you take a shower.

There is so less space between the bath and the shower, that the shower can be traced only upon searching for it carefully. Also the usual pipe connection and the drainage are well hidden behind the floating unit.  Also the walls and the floor is done is a manner that one cannot find even a single break in their coordination. The functional units you find in the baths are disguised in such a way that one unknown about the same can be fooled easily.

A perfect replica of the living room
Modern bath is designed in such a manner that one can easily mistake it for a living room. The lavatories are designed in a way that they from nowhere resemble a sink; the showers are well placed in the wall like the LED television on the mounted on the wall. The tub further resembles more a sculpture and less a bathing tub. Even you will find baths designed with sofas, tables and carpets from water resistant material.

Mostly faux leather is used for the purpose of making a couch for the bather to relax after having a shower. Also televisions are now fixed on the inner door of the cabinet and are clearly visible from the shower. Also you can install a fireplace if you want to heat yourself up after a bath. Finally, you can also decorate the bath with paintings and enjoy your stay in this extended part of your home in style.
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