How to Properly Enhance Security in Your Business’ Warehouse

Needless to say, warehouses are one of those places which often encounter a breach in security, be it from vandals, squatters, or even burglars. But if you have a business warehouse, there are certain measures you can take to increase security and thereby protect whatever assets you have. So what exactly can you do to properly enhance security in your business’ warehouse? The good news is that you have several options. 

The structure of your building/s

If you have often had issues with unauthorized access in the past, it might be a good time to assess the structure of your building or warehouse itself. Make an assessment of your building and try to find out which areas may be easily breached. Once you find areas which are vulnerable, make provisions for strengthening security in these areas. The building’s integrity must also be regularly inspected and maintained, and repaired if necessary.

Alarm systems and CCTV camera systems

If you would like to increase security in your warehouse and decrease any incidences of vandalism or looting, you can definitely benefit from installing a good alarm system and CCTV camera system. These will allow you to monitor your warehouse properly – even if there is no one on-site – and prevent any unauthorized access, especially to areas which are vulnerable to these types of break-ins, such as storage areas or areas where cargo is handled.

Checking the integrity of protection systems for your facility

Aside from making sure to have a properly-installed alarm system, your warehouse facility may have other systems built for protection, such as fire alarm systems, systems which can detect the presence of hazardous gas, and air scrubber systems. These types of systems should be regularly monitored as well as properly secured so they cannot be damaged or tampered with.

Security around your premises

The security along the exterior of your warehouse and your business’ premises should receive proper attention as well. Often, the simple placement of perimetre fencing is a good deterrent for any intruder. Additionally, the gates on your premises should also be closely manned (or at least monitored) by a good security provider, such as Oxford security specialists Securipol Ltd. If you can, limit the amount of gates in your premises to ensure enhanced safety and security. 

Proper lighting

Lighting can make a big difference in deterring would-be vandals or intruders. You should pay attention to proper lighting not only for the exterior of your warehouse, but its interior as well. Certain areas also need enhanced lighting, such as exits and entrances, storage areas, areas where cargo or stocks are handled, the perimetre, and the parking area/s. One tip: in your warehouse’s parking area, private cars or vehicles should not be allowed to park right next to storage areas or cargo-handling areas. Parking for visitors should also be separated from container and employee parking spaces.
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