How To Become The Best Acoustical Engineer

An acoustical engineer has an enhanced aptitude for sound, vibration, science and mathematics. These are the precursors for a good acoustical engineering career. You should be able to apply scientific and technological knowledge for you to design the best acoustical solutions.

You will require the following to be the best acoustical engineer:

-       Education

The most preferable education qualification for an acoustical engineer is an undergraduate degree. A masters’ degree is also valuable for an acoustical engineer. This knowledge gained will enable you to design the best acoustical enclosures while keeping environmental conditions in mind. The best types of fills will also be well chosen when one has studied the different types of in fills available and the most suitable in moist, humid or dry conditions.

The knowledge is also important in determining the best decibel reduction techniques applicable for different distances. Architectural acoustics, environmental acoustics, noise control, vibrations, thermodynamics, statics, fluid mechanics and electrical circuits will be better understood after comprehensive schooling on the same.

-       Good analytical skills

 To be excellent in acoustical engineering, you must have very good analytical skills. You should be able to evaluate existing engineering solutions then come up with viable solutions to the problems. This also means analyzing dynamic environmental conditions and designing solutions that will offer good acoustics regardless of the prevailing environmental conditions.

-       Precision in measurements

There are many measuring equipment used in acoustics. As an acoustical engineer, you should be able to use all the available measuring and transducing equipment then come up with precise and even consistent results on the same. The decibels should be accurately measured for the best acoustical enclosures to be designed. 

-       Apt visualization skills

This means that you must be able to clearly visualize 2D and 3D drawings presented to you. You should also be able to visualize ideas precisely then prepare paper and soft copy representations of your designs. This will enable acoustical enclosures installation team to deliver exact or expected designs. 

-       Excellent communication skills 

As the lead acoustical engineer, you should be at a position to communicate your ideas and construction instructions in an articulate manner. Ambiguity in written or verbal communication shouldn’t be present in any of your communications. You will be working with other professionals. To prove your competence, you should have excellent communication skills.

-       Team work

Civil engineers, electrical engineers and grounds men will be working with you. You should have the skills and the ability to work effectively with these groups. Clear distinction of tasks and roles should be outlined and a single agreed approach applied to a project.

-       Licensing

Renowned acoustical engineers are licensed. A professional engineer is licensed to work after passing exams from the graduate school as well as exams set by the licensing body. Practical skills and verification of your data will also be done before you get your approval to work as an acoustical engineer. 

-       Project management

As an acoustical engineer, you will be expected to run more than one project at any particular time. You must therefore be good in project management scheduling, budgeting and resource management.

In conclusion, the best acoustical engineers have the best education knowledge and good grades as well as a passion for sound and vibrations. To be among the best, you should also have an innovative mind, project management skills and communication skills. 

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Sandra Jenkins is an acoustical engineer. She is one of the best acoustical enclosures design and installation team recently recognized and awarded for her innovative designs. Read more about her work on her Facebook Page.
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