Are You Having Problems with Bed Bugs? Worry No More!

Don’t let the bed bugs bite! But, if you want to get rid of bed bugs, know how to identify a when a bed bug is around. These bed bugs are flat and oval-shaped insects which grow up to 4 – 5 mm long. Their color varies from reddish to brown. Their color turns to reddish once they become swollen with their blood meal.

            Do not be fooled by its name. Bed bugs can be found anywhere not just under in bed. It can be found in crevices and cracks, sheets furniture, mattress seams, electrical outlet plates, luggage, and picture frames. Bed bugs are well known for hitchhiking from one luggage to another luggage. They can be found in a house, office, gym, stores, as well in hotels. 

            Once they found their way indoors, it can be hard to get rid of bed bugs. An adult bed bug can be spot easily since it can grow to the size of an apple seed. Then, they shed their skins as they grow which indicates their presence. Anyone can get rid of bed bugs by following their hiding place. Although they are good at hiding, they leave black – brown stains on absorbent surfaces or, black – brown mounds on nonabsorbent surfaces after feeding. This leads them to their hiding spot. 

            Bites of bed bugs can be identified by red welts on the skin but, painless. Sever itching due to bed bug’s bite can be treated by a cool compress or an oatmeal bath. Their chances of causing a costly bug infestation and be reduced by stopping them as soon as possible. Below are tips to get rid of bed bugs:
         Check upholstered sofas and chairs. Inspect its seams, skits, crevices, and tufts.

         Use a flashlight to check common places and complex areas.
         Apply the IPM approach by doing preventive measures, applying chemicals to targeted areas,a and sanitation.
         Thoroughly clean the whole house and remove all clatters. This makes it easier to spot bed bugs.
         Wash and dry all bed linens and set it in the highest permitted temperature.
         Make sure that any second-hand furniture to be bought is double checked and free from bed bugs before placing it indoors.
         After every trip, moving out, and inviting guest inside the house, inspect regularly the house.

            Any kind of infesting bugs can be preventing from home as long as extra measures are done. Once their hiding spots are identified, it is easy to get rid of bed bugs. The important thing to do is keep the house clean all the time. This would result in a bed bugs-free house and other diseases.
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