Are Kurtas too casual for work?

Whenever the phrase formal wear is heard, myriad images of crisp white linen shirts, trousers and jackets form in our mind. However, these are not the only kinds of formal attire that can be worn to offices. The online shopping portals, these days, are brimming with thousands of beautiful kurtas with different styles, designs, colours, ranging from simple and minimal styled to designer, embroidered ones.

Kurtisare slightly modern versions of the original kurta and are commonly worn by people residing in the southern part of India. They are traditional, loosely fitted garments worn by both men and women on all occasions, whether that is a wedding function, or a work meeting or even a lazy stroll in the neighbourhood market. There is a detailed discussion on many forums as to whether or not Kurtas are appropriate to be worn as formals. While there is hardly any office or company that restricts men and women to wear kurtas to work, they seem surprisingly absent from the office wardrobes of many people.

Are Kurtas too casual for work?

It depends on whether your workplace has a particular type of dress code and requires its employees and contractors to stick to it. In most cases, however, there are no specified instructions on what kind of clothes constitute formal attire that you are required to wear.

Kameez-style tops, or kurtis for women are perfect formal attires. In countries like India and Pakistan, where women in large numbers wear traditional clothes like suits for women, kurtas and saris, kurtas and salwar kameez are also their natural preferences to wear at formal places. They cannot be expected to change their clothing style for western formal wear when they have worn traditional clothes all their lives. It has been very commonly found that, many Indian women working in offices in foreign countries also wear kurtis to work. No company questions any person’s choice to wear kurtisto work.

This clearly shows that Kurtas are perfectly suitable formal wear. They are comfortable in all weather conditions and can be altered according to different occasions. For work wear, a minimally patterned kurta with palazzos works perfectly.

Kurtas paired with denim jeans, palazzos, salwar or leggings are worn by many women worldwide to their workplaces. In a monochrome world of shirts, trousers and jackets, kurtis introduce a dash of vibrancy and glee to it. It redefines a person’s look from a nonchalant and boring one to a more refreshing and feminine appearance.

Due to the huge variety of kurtas that can be found, in different fabrics, necklines, and styles, it is easy to create different combinations to suit your own personal style. Further, they are comfortable to be worn in any kind of weather. To stay cool in sultry summer, kurtis made out of cotton, linen and similar fabrics can be worn. While in cooler weather conditions, kurtis made out of silk and tusser come handy.

Kurtas for women are completely suitable as workplace attire. They are comfortable, feminine and elegant. It is not necessary to wear a suit and tie to work to look professional.
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