An Overview of Waste Water Treatment

Any water that has been badly affected in quality is termed as waste water. Waste water generally originates from a combination of domestic, industrial, commercial, agricultural and various other activities. If waste water is not treated, it can have adverse effect on the human health as well as over the natural environment. Therefore, the key objective of a waste water treatment is to attain improvements in the quality of the waste water.

How to deal with waste water?
Before treating the waste water, it needs to be gathered. In the UK, more than 624,200 kilometres of sewers collect over 11 billion litres of waste water every day from rainwater run-off from roads, home, commercial places, industrial areas, municipal areas, etc. Below mentioned are the key collection systems that are used to collect the wastewater:
  • Surface-water drainage: Collects rainwater run-off from roads and urban areas
  • Combined sewerage: Collects rainwater run-off and waste water from domestic, industrial, commercial and other premises
  • Foul drainage: Collects domestic waste water from premises
Different levels of waste water treatment
The various levels in waste water treatment typically include:
  • Preliminary level: Grit and gravel are removed from the waste water and screening for large solids is performed under preliminary treatment level.
  • Primary level: Also known as mechanical treatment, it is designed to eliminate suspended and floating solids from the waste water. Under primary treatment, chemicals are often used to perform the sedimentation procedure.
  • Secondary level: Also known as biological treatment, it is designed to eradicate the dissolved organic matter from the water. Under this treatment, microbes are generally used to consume the organic matter and convert it into carbon dioxide, water, and energy.
  • Tertiary level: Tertiary treatment is an advanced level of treatment that can remove more than 99% of all the impurities from sewage.
Where to look for waste water treatment services?
Nowadays, there are a number of companies in the UK, offering waste water services. One of the best and reliable names for waste water treatment in London is Thames Water. It is one of the largest UK water companies that provide excellent quality water and waste water services to more than 15 million people in London and the Thames Valley area. You can use Thames Water contact number to contact their customer care representatives to know more about their wastewater treatment services.

After all, treating wastewater is not only helpful for our environment, but for our own health too. These reasons are good enough to keep our water clean.
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