Moscow Private Tours and Best Attractions of Moscow

Since 2011 Moscow private tour was rated number 1 among all the Moscow tour businesses. Our private tour of Moscow covers the most significant and fascinating attractions of the city: St. Basil's Cathedral, Red Square, Lenin's Mausoleum, etc.


We love our city and we need to share with the guests, no matter their budget. Show a lovely, modern, open minded and friendly city and we need to shift foreign tourists perception of Moscow.

You may enjoy our Free Tour so much that you'll decide to join our tours that are paid. Simply make a booking, and you will be eagerly taken by our guides through our enchanting city for an amazing walk! Take our Moscow Metro Tour and find why our metro is understood as the most delightful in the world!

They used to have palaces for kings, we're going to construct palace for the people! He said among the chief architects of the Soviet metro.

With us you'll see the most amazing metro stations in Moscow constructed under Stalin: Mayakovskaya, Komsomolskaya, Revolution sq, Novoslobodskaya. Our guide will tell secrets and fascinating stories concealed underground, urban legends and stories that are humorous.

How many infants were born on the Moscow metro? Where's the secret Metro 2? How deep is the Moscow metro? And where was his address given by Stalin in Nov 1941? Join out find out and Metro tour! The Kremlin Tour that is only in Moscow you can simply show up and join. No prepayments! The Moscow Kremlin is essential see attraction in Russia, an attractive fort in the center of the city filled with legends and history.

It applied to be a residence of Russian tsars and communist leaders and now it is a working position of the president of Russia. Behind middle ages walls you'll find amazing cathedrals where Russian rulers used to get married, crowned and buried and the earliest square of Moscow. You are going to see church bell and once the biggest cannon in the world. 8 100 years of Russian history in one spot. Do not miss this expertise with Moscow Free tour. No prepayment with no cancellation fee. For more than 70 years Moscow was the capital of the Soviet empire that is enormous.

The roads of the city are still filled with remnants of the Cold War and the communist regime, and the fearsome Soviet bastions yet defend the young democracy in Russia. Take our private tours of Saint Petersburg and see the ill-famed headquarters of the KGB also know as Saint Petersburg in Lubyanka, Revolution sq. And the last Karl Marx monument in Moscow, the Bolshoi theater and the first McDonalds in the USSR.

From Lenin to Gorbachev, find concealed pages of the Soviet history from the Great October Revolution to Perestroika. We are going to speak under Stalin, the GULAG system, secret KGB jail and how folks lived in the Soviet Union about the Great Terror.
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