MBA In Operations: Why Going The Distance Matters

An MBA in Operations is a management degree that concerns itself, primarily, with the organizing, planning, supervision, and execution of business strategies. Operations management is focused on delivery and strives to ensure that a company converts valuable input into profitable output.
Judging by the current scenario in India, where there are plenty of startups looking to scale their businesses toreach a larger audience, having an operations degree can help you remain in the thick of the action.

Opting for a distance MBA instead of conventional modes of education has a number of benefits, especially if you’re a working professional.
1.     Flexible Schedules
If you are a working professional in the operations industry—juggling your job, managing familial obligations, and still aspiring to move higher in your career—this MBA will serve you well. As you won’t have enough time to attend a traditional course, online education offers extremely flexible schedules. Basically, you can work on the curriculum at a time that suits you.
2.     Low Costs
A normal MBA, in one of the many urban colleges, would cost you and arm and a leg. Online learning would cost you only a fraction of that. Say, for instance, you are doing an MBA in Finance at an online university, your fees would not exceed INR 50,000 per semester.
3.     Specialised Programs
To begin with, when obtaining management subjects degrees, you will be working with a curriculum that up to date with the latest industry trends. This curriculum is put together and delivered to you by experienced faculty. These people work with several industry leaders in order to prepare you for the ground-level situation in the business world.
4.     Good Delivery System
Online programs have been making use of technology to reach a much larger audience. Once you sign up for a course, you will get the course delivered to you via the internet, in the form of e-lectures and seminars, which will help you understand complicated subjects. Besides, there are also mobile apps like Avagmah, through which you can stay updated with all the latest news pertaining to your course.
Distance education is turning out to be a thing of the future as it gives you everything you have been looking for—lower fees, a greater degree of flexibility, and top-notch curriculum.
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