Lion country safari – feel the wilderness close to home

Lion country safari is a journey to visit safari park, situated in Palm Beach County, Florida. This was founded by a group of entrepreneurs from South Africa, USA, and Britain. It was founded in 1967. It is regarded as the first “cage less zoo” in the USA. The safari mainly helps you to have a glimpse of lions. The aim to establish this lion country is to provide a safari experience to the visitors. Sometimes it is difficult to enjoy the safari tours around the world. In that case, the this safari can be a good choice to experience the safari tours.

Lion country safari
This country safari can give you the access to 640 acres of plains of South Florida to see so many animal species. You can have the view of lions, kudus, water buffalo, chimpanzees and many other animals. This vast area is full of more than 1000 animals. If you visit the safari, you can experience the beauty of the world safari.

About the Safari: 

  1. The inventors of this country safari were unaware about the way to create this lion safari. But presently this safari is considered as one of the best safaris in the world. A vast land of South Florida is truly the best option to give shelter to hundreds of animals and create the opportunity to see and experience the uniqueness of the safari tour.
  2. You can visit the place by hiring a car. That means you just pay and hire a car travel through the road of the country to see the animals. You can have the opportunity to have a booked vehicle for the trip. Evidently, a day's journey to the facilities is essential to experience the wildlife atmosphere of the Lion country safari.
  3. In 1986 a part of the safari area was converted into the Wild Rivers Water Park.
  4. As already stated that you can see so many animals in this country safari. Apart from lion one more interesting animal that you can see here is the chimpanzee. The important part of the lifestyle of chimpanzees is that they lead a nomadic lifestyle. Nomadic lifestyle indicates that the chimpanzees like to move to a different place every day. Now this feature also helps to attract the visitors to visit the place to study on chimps. One interesting fact about the chimpanzees of this place is that the name of the oldest chimpanzees in the safari was “Little Mama “who was born in 1938.
  5. Even you can have the opportunity to know many things about rhinos from this beautiful country safari. The visit of this place is truly an amazing adventure that you have never experienced before. This stunningly beautiful country safari is a place where you can educate yourself by acquiring knowledge about the wildlife of so many animals. Their behavior, their habits in the wild can be a totally new experience for you.
Lion country safari
Truly, this safari is a great place to achieve the stunning entertainment and fun with a true and vivid concept about the lifestyle of the animals. It helps you experience the wilderness of a wildlife safari.
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