Ladder Fall Injuries at Work: How You Can Properly Claim Compensation

Ladders are inherently dangerous – there should be no doubt about that. Not only is a person using it positioned at a height (and therefore in a potentially dangerous position), not all ladders are equal, and not all ladders are suitable for the job at hand. The annoying thing is, however, that often ladders are necessary and no other alternative would allow a person to do the required work as well. Result: accidents with ladders, specifically ladder fall injuries, occur more than we like to think. Although the government recognized in 2005 that working on ladders carried tremendous risk, more than 4000 people sustained injuries in the year 2009/10 – and 14 were killed. Here’s all about ladder fall injuries at work: how you can properly claim compensation.

Your employer’s responsibility

Your employer has a clear responsibility: to do everything in his or her power to ensure the safety and health of the employee at work. This means the employee must be given proper and safe equipment to work with, and that specific safety procedures are in place that minimize the risk of accidents and injury. If there were no proper equipment, or if the safety procedures were not in place, the employee is guilty of negligence.

What can go wrong?

Ladders have been recognized as high-risk equipment, and things often go wrong with ladders. Here are some causes:

  • The wrong type of ladder is given for the job at hand
  • The ladder is too small, which often leads to over-reaching
  • The ladder was placed at a wrong angle
  • The ladder was not placed with sufficient support

When you can claim

Three things need to be proven in order for you to seek compensation and make a claim. They are:

  • The ladder was not proper for the job, or used the wrong way
  • The accident could have been predicted based on this fault (or faulty use)
  • The accident did indeed occur and is a result of that fault

How to start a claim
Immediately make sure that all matters regarding the accident are recorded, including circumstances, witnesses, and so on. Then contact a reliable solicitor for legal advice for your accident at work claim.

Remember that you have the right to compensation if it turns out that you have sustained injuries when your employer didn’t fulfill their complete duty – not seeking compensation will not only ensure you suffer alone, but also that similar mistakes might be made in the future. The length of time it takes for you to receive compensation depend from case to case, but there is plenty of professional legal help available to guide you through the process and speed things up. Ladder fall injuries are no joke – neither is your right to compensation.
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