Do you want to keep up with the rest of your peers?

Then you definitely need to change the IMEI code of your cell phone device and unlock it for good.

Everyone is longing for a SIM card –free mobile phone device and now you can have it for free. It doesn’t matter if your its first, second or third owner, you can still perform the IMEI change operation in a bit with the super-modern and easy-to-use software application tool, the IMEI Changer Tool.

What are the advantages of this amazing tool?

There are many positive things that come along with this tool, but I am sure that you will be thrilled to know just the top few.

The first and most important advantage that you can have with this IMEI changing tool is that you can download it for free no matter what country you live in. this applies to all countries in the whole world.

Second, you can download the tool on any computer operated by literally any operative system. This means you can use your laptop or even tablet for this operation.

Third, you will get the IMEI change done in less than 15 minutes. this means that the tool will save you a lot of time and you will be able to sue your SIM unlocked mobile phone after just a quarter of an hour.

Fourth, the IMEI Changer Tool helps you start over. Once the IMEI code of your device is changed you can use all free mobile phone software application tools and register to whichever service you wish without fearing that your device will be recognized. Once the IMEI is changed so are all the details about your phone.

Fifth, the IMEI Changer Tool enables you to have a permanent SIM unlock. The SIM card unlocking services are very expensive and there is no change for them to get any cheaper in the near future. However, with the free IMEI Changer Tool not only will you unlock your handset, you will be able to do that for free as well.

These basic advantages are not to be neglected! If I were you I would not have spend a single minute more, I would download the IMEI Changer Tool immediately and start experience the wide world of opportunities that only the SIM unlocked mobile phone device can offer.

IMEI Changer Tool and how it works.

The free IMEI Changer Tool works with your old IMEI code. So, before you start the process of changing you might want to confirm what your existing IMEI is. To do so, you may check the back side of your phone’s battery where the IMEI is definitely printed, or you can press *#60# from your device to see the IMEI pop up on your screen. Either ways, you need to write the 15-digit code down and use it later on in the process.

You will also need any computer with a stable internet connection and a USB cable which you will use to connect your mobile phone to your computer.

When you are all ready to go this is what you need to do:
  • Download and install the free IMEI Changer Tool.
  • Open it and connect your mobile phone device to your computer.
  • Insert your IMEI code, you email address and your phones model in the fields provided.
  • Click “IMEI change” and you’re done.
  • Wait for another 15 minutes and you will receive a brand new IMEI code.
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