DMIT Test Overview and Its Types

DMIT: The full form of DMIT is Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test. It is really a scientific study of fingerprint and its patterns. Through this you will be able to understand the potential of an individual and you could even know the personality type as well. It is based on understanding through Neuroscience, Psychology and genetics.
Many DMIT assessments have been formulated by scientists and certain medical experts. Many renowned universities of the world have accepted DMIT. Many medical experts have also proved that human finger prints provide accurate analysis of human intelligence and some inborn potential. Traditionally only human IQ level was used as a measuring tool for degree of intelligence. Here the brain speaks about us.

Some of the key features of DMIT:
  • This software is linked with huge database and it is capable of analyzing every individual
  • It is a approved software which is powered with the knowledge of our certified team
  • It has a much customized and quite easy to use DMIT report with different designs. It comes as per the choice of your customer
  • It is quite easy to distribute within your employees and distributors
  • For the software users there is no limit for the number of users
  • This complete software is just a onetime investment. There is no such renewal fee for the software. It hardly needs any kind of expenses for maintenance.
  • Various reports could be created with this software
Major DMIT Programs: These programs are meant to enhance the learning in the children. It helps speedy grasping and learning.
  • DMIT Software- It is the most authentic and scientifically proven Memory Technique Program. It is the analysis of your finger tips. Our finger tips are directly connected to our nervous system. Through this software you will get to know about your inborn talents. This is extreme software that enables you to know more about your hidden abilities and talents.
  • Smart coaching classes- Smart classes are the most effective way to polish and enhance your brain and its memory power. Various studies say that a child can learn faster in smart classes than in regular classes. The most important and unique art of smart coaching classes is that whatever you learn here remains in your mind for longer time.
  • The mother toddler program- This is quite a unique concept but it is universally accepted. In this program both mother and child get an opportunity to attend various learning programs. Such activities are very useful for both mother and the child to increase the memory power. This also makes the bond between the mother and the child stronger.
DMIT Software is of great help to the new and the learning generation. DMIT Test software is made for all age group of people. This helps enhancing your mind and opens up your thought process.
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