4 Questions Answered About Commercial Waste Disposal

Commercial waste produced by a business is different from waste produced by an individual, and there are a variety of legislations that govern the control of commercial waste or “controlled waste” as it is called. Companies have a responsibility to safely keep waste before disposing of it in a safe manner. Businesses should also look at the environmental impact of their waste management practices to ensure they are doing all they can to help safeguard the environment and safe energy and resources – as well as money. In answer to commonly asked questions about commercial waste, here is what you need to know.

1. Does a Small Business Still Need to Comply With Commercial Waste Rules?

Even if you only produce a small amount of waste, if you are a business you are included under the legislation. The commercial waste law is applicable to practically every type of business. And even if you think you do not produce much waste you are likely to be surprised –controlled waste covers all kinds of things from envelopes to sweepings, cleaning products to food eaten on your premises. It is highly unlikely you will produce no waste at all. However, it is worth knowing that the law does not apply to a business run from a home where the main use of the building is residential.

2. Can I Use Any Waste Company?

No, you must use a registered commercial waste disposal company to dispose of commercial waste. If you use an unregistered company you risk a fine of up to £5,000. It is easy to check whether the company is registered as you can look on the Environment Agency website or call them to find out. Anyone operating a waste carrier business must be registered, which includes people carrying waste on behalf of someone else.

3. How Do I Store Waste?

Every business needs a set of bins that sufficiently hold the quantity of waste that is waiting to be taken to landfill or to recycle, and the frequency of collection should ensure that waste is not kept for too long. Bins shouldn’t be overfilled and they should close properly so that animals and pests cannot enter while the waste is being stored prior to being removed. It may be necessary for a bin to be locked so that the contents cannot be accessed.

4. Why Do I Have to Pay Extra for Business Waste?

Many people wonder why controlled waste is not included in the amount businesses pay for rates. This is because there are huge differences between the amount of waste produced by different businesses, and having a separate charge enables correct pricing to be put in place depending on the amount and type of waste generated.
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