3 Things You Must Do Before Choosing a Business Accountant

Choosing an accountant is arguably as important as choosing a business partner – both partners will help your business grow and expand, and will give you a better chance of success with your business in the future. So it is vital you choose the best accountant for your needs, whether you are based in London or Liverpool or any city in-between. What do you need to do before you choose your accountant? What do you need to consider before making this important decision?
1. Consider Optimum Location
It is not necessary that your accountant is right round the corner from your office anymore with the availability of software and modern technology making it easy to collaborate online, but sometimes you may need to meet in person. You need to consider if your accountant must be within a certain distance from your business, for example businesses in London may appreciate the convenience of accountants in central london, especially as accountants in the local area will have an excellent understanding of how local business issues affect you as well as national and international business considerations. It is also useful to consider if you need your accountant to accompany you to business meetings, in which case they will need to be reasonably local to your company.
2. Look for Professional Certification
You certainly need to look for an accountant that is regulated and certified by the professional body or bodies in your country or jurisdiction. Not only will this give you peace of mind but it will also allow you to handle matters in a legal way and will make it easier to control legal issues should they arise. It is a good idea to hire an accountant with the right professional qualifications right from the start, even if your business is small or you only have a few employees. As your business grows, your accountant will be able to handle this growth.
3. Decide What Expertise You Need
All businesses are different and you should consider before you hire your accountant what specific skills or expertise you need them to bring to the table. It is a good idea to find an accountant that has worked with businesses in your field as they will bring a wealth of professional and relevant expertise to the table which will help your company grow. Look at a potential accountant to see if they have experience dealing with businesses of your size, and larger businesses too if you intend to grow fast. Do you need any specific technical expertise? What kind of software do you need or do you have it already?
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